Molly Pittman – Paid Traffic Mastery Review

Hailing all the way from Danville, Kentucky, Molly Pittman is the VP of marketing for DigitalMarketer.

In Kentucky, she majored in old-school text book marketing, nothing close to digital.

Molly implemented what she learned mostly doing print ads while also bartending at a bourbon distillery.

She soon felt that she had to leave Kentucky and decided to move to Austin, Texas.

After a month there, with no exact idea of what she wanted to do, jobless, she found a paid marketing internship on Craigslist from DigitalMarketer. This internship opportunity was for 12-15 people.

Through 3 months of interning, she put in a lot of work and learned a ton. Week by week, interns were let go, except for Molly and 2 to 3 others.

By the end of the internship, she was hired to a full-time position as social media manager at DigitalMarketer.

Hired Hand Congratulations Employment Presentation

Today, she’s the Vice President of marketing there.

She believes that the reasons for her success were what she learned from her family.

Marketing is all about how you interact with people so it's no wonder Molly is one of the industry's most sought after media buyers.

She's spent over 14$ million dollars on Facebook and yes, her ROI (Return on Investment) is super positive.

If you don't believe me, check out her website. Her net worth has to be crazy.

In 2017, she finally went out her own by starting two business.

She put everything she's learned in the last 6 years at DigitalMarketer, into this paid traffic mastery course.

Paid Traffic Mastery Course Breakdown

Module 01 - Getting Started

Before Molly starts teaching you anything about Facebook ads, she wants you to understand a few things first:

  • What's paid traffic?
  • The Customer Value Journey 
  • Your job is as a media buyer
  • What is a media buyer?

I think there's so much value in the fact that Molly explains each one of these.

Many of us who have already been in the digital marketing world know what paid traffic is.

She compares paid traffic to a road that allows you to take products, services or a message and put it in front of any audience.

Molly puts her best foot forward to educate you. It's obvious how enthused she is while she speaking on these topics.

I definitely think that you'll feel relaxed while going through this course because of her positive energy.

You KNOW when someone is confident in what they're saying. If they're good at making money, they're going to be excited about it.

By this point in the course, I already felt that my investment was worth it. If you're new, you're coming out of this module more educated than you did when your credit card was processed.

Molly then speaks on the Big 3 paid traffic platforms. They're the biggest platforms because everyone and their grandmother are on them.

Module 02 - Core Concepts

In this module, Molly does a fantastic job explaining and teaching you about:

  • The Traffic Store
  • Traffic temperature 
  • The relationship between paid traffic and content

You're probably thinking,

"What in the world is a traffic store?"

"I feel like I'm in a traffic store everytime I go buy food and there's a long line due to only one cashier being open".

Relax, it's just a concept that Molly describes this way.

If you need milk, bread, clothes, or medication, there's a store specifically for each of those things, right?

Same thing with paid traffic. If you need more eyeballs on your stuff, you go to a traffic store. 

A.K.A. advertising platforms.

Picture each store above as one of the big 3 advertising platforms.

If you have something that you want or need to be seen, you go to one of those "stores" and pay for it. 

Towards the end of this course, you'll learn about a fourth "store".

Now, you've probably never heard of traffic temperature, or maybe you have.

It's a concept used to understand where the audience you’re targeting on paid traffic platforms fall in the value journey.

Molly gives you more clarity and value when she goes into what your goals should be when dealing with each type of traffic level or temperature.

This makes sense because at each level, people are different. Some have a higher intent to buy, some less and some are neither here nor there.

Due to that, your approach has to be different.

Her friend and director of editorial at DigitalMarketer, Russ, talks about each temperature level and speaks on the ideal content needed for each one.

If you're taking notes, you're doing great because this information is not taught in every course.

I wish I knew all of this in high school, really.

Module 03 - Crafting Your Campaign Assets

Anytime you decide to build a traffic campaign regardless the platform, there are assets that you NEED to create. Molly's goal in this module is to make sure you know how to craft those campaign assets.

Put your seatbelt on because Molly is super excited to teach you how to craft them. She doesn't just breeze over these topics like some other courses do.  

When you advertise on Facebook, it's more than just uploading a picture that says everything is 50% off.

It isn't that basic.

You really need to think about who you want to target and truly try to understand what they're going through or what they need.

Remember how earlier I said that marketing is all about how you interact with people?

Yea well, it starts here.

Her favorite video is the 3rd one in this module and it has to do with targeting. She doesn't leave anything out.

If you want to learn Facebook ads, she gets into it right here.
I can really appreciate how up to this point, with everything Molly teaches, she really gets you THINKING like a true marketer with all of the questions she makes you ask yourself.

Over the many courses I've reviewed, I've noticed that many advertising experts don't really take the time to explain and teach you how to write ad copy.

Ad copy is ESSENTIAL!

If you want to learn ad copy, I believe this is easily the second best course to do so by a wide margin.

In my opinion, Dan Henry has the best Facebook ad copy lessons in his course. Billy Willson didn't go into much ad copy detail in his course.

Molly also analyzes plenty of examples of ad creatives and critiques them.

Her critique is on point and makes sense as you watch the video.

Module 04 - Facebook Deep Dive

This is Molly's favorite platform. This module is all about Facebook and she teaches you everything you need to know. What I feel makes this module great is how she covers in detail topics such as:

  • Facebook compliance so you don't have any setbacks when advertising. *Few courses teach this*
  • What each of the campaign objectives accomplish
  • Importance of ad placement
  •  Ad budget
  • Advertising on Instagram inside of Facebook
  • Tracking your results

Few courses I've taken have gone on to explain the rules and guidelines Facebook has in place quite like this course.

Molly touches on the more important rules but even still, you should go in there every so often to check if there are any updates to those.

I did notice a difference when it comes to tracking movement to and through your website between this course, Billy Willson and Dan Henry's.

Billy and Dan both simply showed you how to get the Facebook pixel and install it. Molly does too.

But, Molly also tells you that you need Google Analytics because it doesn't just track your website and Facebook movement, it tracks more.

I'm sure Dan and Billy knew that, it just wasn't taught in their course. That would have been nice to know.

Molly shows you how to set it all.

Module 05 - Troubleshooting, Optimizing and Scaling

You've accomplished a lot up until this point and you've finally been able to launch your campaign. 

Now what?

According to Molly, only 20% of campaigns she launches work immediately.

Don't let that worry you, it's normal.

All that means is that if your campaigns or ads aren't working, you need to put in some more work.

This module is great because she guides you through the exact steps necessary to fix and improve your ads if needed.

More value is given in this module!

For example, in video 2, titled "Analyzing Data", Molly shares a "health checklist" you can use to check in on your campaigns!

If I were you, I'd make sure I use this checklist on a weekly or even daily basis because it will absolutely help you keep a constant track of your campaign.

It's important that you continuously do so especially if you're new to running ads on Facebook. You'll definitely feel more comfortable as you go.

In time, you'll get the hang of things and even then, you should still use this checklist.

Now, if your campaigns and ads are working, you'll then learn what you can do to scale.

I really liked what Justin Rondo, a DigitalMarketer team member, mentioned in video 4 when it comes to optimization.

He shared 4 steps to take if you notice a dip in conversion rate.

I'm sure that if you print this picture and frame it, you'll remember what to do whenever you see a dip in conversion rate.

It's tips like these that make this course well worth your investment.

You don't get these tips in other courses. This course really does makes it easy for you to succeed.

If you do any on-page optimization, analysis and continually test your ads, you're doing more than the majority of your competition.

So just do it!

If you're not up for it, then this business model in general isn't for you.

Module 06 - Google Ads With Mike Rhodes

Time to switch gears!

Molly introduces Mike Rhodes, founder of Websavvy, who will teach you about a different traffic store.


He teaches you about:

  • The Google AdWords interface and how to use it
  • Having your business and marketing objectives clear
  • Keyword Discovery
  • How to write Google ads
  • Ad groups
  • Campaigns
  • Conversion tracking

I like how Mike took a whole 15 minutes to teach the "lingo" inside of Google AdWords.

If you thought getting familiar with Facebook was difficult, wait until you get into AdWords.

Initially it may see confusing, but Mike did a fantastic job keeping the focus on what's important so you don't waste your time looking at what's not.

I remember going over keyword discovery during the Kallzu Ads course. As I came across this part of this course, I grimaced and rolled my eyes.

When William Meers spoke on keyword discovery in that course, that process seemed long and like something I didn't want to spend my time with.

I still don't, but I will admit that Mike didn't make it seem as complex as William did especially with graphics like this.

Mike has you focus on "buying terms" which are keywords that tell you someone is ready to buy.

When starting off, it's best to go after keywords that are the most profitable.

Mike is kind enough to give you tips on how to find keywords:

  • Brainstorm
  • Talk to people (team, client, friends, FB groups)
  • Google Keyword Planner Tool
  • Paid spy tools (you can find a list of these in the Kallzu Ads Course Review)

Mike mentions that Google AdWords is "wonderful" because you can test different ads against each other.

I'm not a fan of this constant testing that occurs when advertising on these platforms.

How much money are you going to spend before you finally come across an ad or a campaign that's profitable?

Can you really afford to go through that?

I simply don't want to.

More on that at the end of this article.

Module 07 - YouTube Ads With Tom Breeze

Time to switch gears, again!

Now it's all about YouTube ads.

Tom doesn't just take you right into YouTube right away and show you what buttons to press.

I think it's fantastic how after giving an overview, he starts off by helping you understand your "Customers Moment".

This has to do with understanding what your customers are going through, what they're doing on YouTube in the first place and why.

Tom shows you the 4 reasons people go to YouTube and expresses them in moments or mindsets:

People that want to watch what their into, don't really have any intent to buy.

Everyone that wants to know or do, are researching and reviewing products.

Those who want to buy, are ready to do so.

What does all of this mean? How is it relevant?

By understanding all of this, you'll in a better position to catch those people's attention and create ads that will resonate with them. You'll make them WANT to buy your products or services.

That's why you run ads!

This training is awesome because YOUR mindset is prepared to make ads on Youtube. 

You won't be going into this cold with no clue how to approach the platform.

Then you'll see a detailed campaign walkthrough from A-Z on how to create ads on this platform.

What you learn in this training can help you with advertising in general.

Did you know that you use Google AdWords to run ads on YouTube?

YouTube is a subsidiary of Google, that's why.

All things considered, you learn everything you need to learn when it comes to YouTube ads as long as you go through the Google Ads module again.

I think that by this point in the course, you have enough tools under your belt to make moves in the social media advertising world.

You've been trained on the big 3 social media platforms, but there's one more module, one more training.

More value is given in the form of the LinkedIn training.

Module 08 - LinkedIn

Shifting into last gear, you've made it to the final module and training.

CEO and founder of LinkedSelling, Josh Turner, along with Pat Henseler and Ryan Farrell take you through the ins and outs of advertising on LinkedIn.

There really aren't that many training courses on LinkedIn.
The fact that this training is in this course, at the price it's being offered, is GOLD.

Now, these gentlemen first explained how the audience on LinkedIn is different.

There are decision makers on LinkedIn, CEOs, CFOs etc.

Your approach has to different.

That makes sense, but there are marketers that treat this platform as if it was Facebook.


I like how they spoke on the similarities and difference of each platform.

Example: On Facebook, to track website movement, you install the Facebook pixel.

On LinkedIn, it's called the Insights Tag.

I think it's easier to target on LinkedIn because you aren't going to target as in-depth as you can on Facebook.

Ryan gives some really good recommendations when it comes to writing content and retargeting. He shares exactly what they're doing to be successful.

Pat speaks on how to monitor the progress of your ads and also SHOWS you how to download your leads as they come in.

Pat ends the training by advising you to go back through the training to make sure you're ready to succeed.

I have no doubt that if you follow what you learn in this module, you'll be able to profit.

There's plenty of information here, so make sure you go back through not only this module, but the entire course. Take notes, meditate and let everything really sink in.

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