No Pants Project Program – Mike Shreeve

No Pants Project Program

No Pants Project Program – Mike Shreeve

No Pants Project Program! – Turn the creative desires of your heart into a better than full-time income in 90 days or less! Tap into a rocksolid support group, a Rapid Success Coaching team, and get deep insights and strategies from Mike himself to catapult your freelance career now!

The No Pants Project was founded in 2017 by Mike Shreeve, with the mission of changing the corporate work/life structure. The project is a 90-day online program that teaches individuals how to get consistent work and generate passive income while increasing earnings. The No Pants Project reviews how to find your freelance superpower while capitalizing on the internet to be your own boss. Students of The No Pants Project are able to trade in their work trousers for a more comfortable attire and work wherever they chose.

The No Pants Project is a community of freelancers who provide knowledge and support to each other. Freelancers who want to write, design, blog, market, translate, photograph, and much more. There is something out there for anyone interested in becoming a freelancer on your own terms. Mike Shreeve gives his continued guidance, as a freelancer himself, with The No Pants Project Show, daily emails, and blogs.

The No Pants Project has three goals:

  • Create 1,000 brand new, full-time Freelancers in the next 12 months
  • Donate over $100,000 to Vogel Alcove in the next 12 months through the sales of our online training programs
  • Help others trade in their corporate slacks and skirts for more comfortable PJs (or less) by creating a home based Freelancing business that fits into the unique demands of their lifestyle


  • SECRET #1: “How To Find Your Freelancer Superpower So You Can Stand Out In The Marketplace And Charge Top Dollar For Your Services (Starting NOW).”
  • SECRET #2: “How To Land Long Term, Consistent Client Work And Increase Your Fee WITHOUT Doing Any Marketing, Sales, Or Bidding For Jobs.”
  • SECRET #3: “How To Generate Passive Income As A Freelancer So You Can Take Time Off Without Losing Money.”

What You Will Learn In No Pants Project Program

  • How to tap your personal talents as a subcontract worker
  • Learn how to sniff out new clients and keep them loyal
  • How to generate income without working. Yes, you can do that.

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Name of Course: No Pants Project Program – Mike Shreeve

Release Date: 2020

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