Nine University Review – Kale & Taylor KT9 [2020 Updated] Amazon Course

Nine University 2.0 Review made in 2020

Boost Nine Review - K & T's FBA Product Research Software

how Amazon fba has changed my life

These two dudes have been generals commanding the Nine University Brand since 2017.

Teaching FBA isn't enough for KT though.

They've raised the Nine flag in the internet software space with Boost Nine

KT Nine's software as a service helps sellers find great products on Amazon in 2020

Kale and Taylor's FBA Polygraph

Left Meter

Shows how many out of the top 10 product search results are generating revenue over 5k per month (a.k.a. if that number ain't 7, product has low demand, so give it the boot)

Right Meter

Shows how many out of those 1st 10 items have less than 75 reviews (aka if there's 7 or more, it'll be pretty easy would it be for you to jump in and start selling)

Why You Should Have High Expectations of Nine University

Nine University has kept its head on a swivel these past couple years and enjoyed mentions by big media companies like Forbes and the Markets Insider. (aka it's safe to have pretty high expectations of KT's course)

The KT Nine University 2.0 training course shows you how to get all the ducks in a row (product shipping, warehousing, ppc campaign set up and organization to begin the ranking process, etc.) so you can command your own FBA biz.

Through this course, you will be shown:

Nine University 2.0 Course Review

  • How the FBA Selling System Works (An Overview)
  • Profitable Product Selection (and Boost Nine, K&T's Proprietary SaaS)
  • Connecting with an Elite Level Supplier (Reliability is Key)
  • How to Move Your Product to Amazon (Transport Logistics)
  • Optimizing an Amazon Product Listing that Vacuums up Buyers like Dysons
  • Making Your Product the Go-To Item in Your Amazon Category
  • Automating Your PPC Product Launch & Mechanizing Your Growth
  • How to Drive Additional Traffic with FB Book Ads

Nine University Course Details

14 Day Bootcamp

This is Nine Unviersity's quick start guide to selling private label products via Amazon FBA

You're in the FBA Army now, is it all what the draft man said?

or are you lost in the sauce like this guy?

don't be like this clueless Amazon fba seller

KT Nine's 2 week bootcamp is a little basic training for future Amazon Sellers, if you want to pass, you'll need to demonstrate:

Bootcamp Results

  • Extremely High Level of Motivation
  • Super Clear Vision of Your Goals and Dreams (+ how to get there ASAP)
  • A Complete Understanding of the Amazon FBA Profitable Product Selection Process
  • Actual Potential Products that You Can Sell (these products have 6-figure potential)
  • You'll have decided on a Brand Name and Logo (and started the incorporation process aka you'll be a company)
  • You'll have decided on your product and be in the process of negociating Pricing with Your Elite Supplier

Nine University's bootcamp is a way for you get in shape and be prepared to start your Amazon biz

Introductory Welcome Module

I hope you are competitive.

Because you're about to go head to head with the other KT Nine Students like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando

Since this is the beginning of the course, KT break FBA down, Barney Style.

Towards the end, Kale encourages FBA newbies to 'lock and load' to be number 1.

The scoreboard is a unique aspect of Nine University (but serves a similar purpose as the Amazing's Selling Machine's "Badge" system)

Why Keep Score?

“Keeping Score Makes People Work Harder.”

Kale Abrahamson

 Total Time: 37 minutes

Week 1: The Foundational Bedrock of FBA

What kind of business license should you open when selling Amazon FBA?

Immediately heading into the trenches, Kale and Taylor start a talk on business licenses. 

 They bring in professionals, both from the UK and US. 

Kale and Taylor provide how to videos regarding setting up your LLC in the United States and setting up the UK's LLC equivalent in the United Kingdom.

Next, they go the average course route:

Seller Central Walk-through? 


Amazon Seller App Set up?


Lastly, they go over the 2 ways to get a business license.

Open your LLC via your own effort or using Nine University partner's done for you services

Helpful Detail:

Probably the most helpful one was helping sellers outside the USA complete the EIN (Employer Identification Number) SS-4 forms that are required by Amazon. 

Why should Amazon FBA sellers get licensed?

Let's answer the question with a question:

want to lose all your profits if you get sued?

If you want to set up your business yourself, check out my guide:

In my guide to Amazon FBA, I included an entire section on how to set up your corporate structure as well as get your EIN number for free. 

Get a Business License in 2020

If you want to spend a little dough instead, K&T recommend Prime Corporate Services as a "Done-For You" option.

Total Video Time: 1 hour 16 minutes 

Week 2: Scoping in a 7 Figure Product

How do Kale and Taylor find great products that sell?

They include deep training on two tools:

Product Selection Tools

  • Boost Nine (K & T do training)
  • Helium 10 (Bradley Sutton does training)

this is another product launch tool for amazzon fba

Since Boost Nine is their own software as a service tool, Kale shows how its best practices. 

Kale and Taylor's propreitary tool of boost nine

Product Selection: The Most Difficult Step

Kale dedicates an entire video to explaining why it's the product selection section where most would-be Amazon Sellers mess up, give up, or over-analyze. 

The main thing that Kale leaves us with is that complaining about the difficulty of product selection won't help you get through it, it's just something that needs to be done thoroughly and done right. 

Recent Course Update:

Kale has entirely redone their product selection section because it's the part that most Amazon FBA courses don't keep up with.

Added Sections

  • More Research Techniques
  • Prohibited Products List (Breakables, Seasonal, etc)

Overall, Kale and Taylor, with the assistance of Helium 10's Bradley Sutton, provide a thorough training module on Amazon FBA product selection. 

 Total Video Time: 3 hours and 36 minutes 

Week 3: Partnering up with an Elite Supplier 

In the 3rd week's 18 video lessons, K & T show you how to accomplish these 8 tasks:

  • Find the Same Supplier as Your Competition
  • Figure out How Many Suppliers to Contact
  • How to Talk with Suppliers
  • Choose What Kind of Shipping to Select When Just Starting
  • The Ins and Outs of Samples
  • Leveraging 1688 in Your Negotiations
  • Product Packing and Where to Get It Designed
  • Why Creating a Product Insert is Still a Profitable Idea

So at this point in the course, you've found a few products that you want to sell, and you now need to find a manufacturer to make them for you. 

In Amazon FBA, it's good to go with the rule: 

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Kale and Taylor recommend using the same supplier as your competitor(s), as then you'll be able to guarantee that you are getting at least the quality of your competition.

Advanced Tip

Then if you tweak your item's final appearance or features (learn about what to tweak by reading what buyers complain about in the reviews), you can out do your competition and sell more items since you are fulfilling what the customers really want.

KT9 encourage you to use Alibaba, which may or may not be a smart idea since the advent of Covid-19, but they walk you through how to use Jack Ma's platform, adding the right filters to make sure that you are looking at products provided by reputable suppliers. #tradeassurance

KT Takeaway

One of the helpful pieces of advice that Kale drops is, when you are contacting suppliers, make sure that you are asking for both the unit price and the shipping price when you are getting price estimates. 

 Total Video Time: 1 hour and 13 minutes

Week 4: Shipping to Amazon FC w/o Hassle (Plus How to Pay for Product Orders)

The 15 videos that make up Week 4 are chocked full of tips that help you iron out the wrinkles that happen between the time that your product is finished being manufactured and arrives in stock in an Amazon Fulfillment Center.

“Your Box is going to touch a million different hands. It's going to go from you, to Amazon and from Amazon to a Customer and there's a million steps in between there.”

Kale Abrahamson

"Your Box is going to touch a million different hands. It's going to go from you, to Amazon and from Amazon to a Customer and there's a million steps in between there."

The topics addressed by KT in this section are: 

  • Selecting the Shipping Method that is Right for Your Product
  • Getting Your FNSKU Labels from Your Seller Central Account
  • Instructing Your Supplier on How to Properly Label the Item
  • Sealing in the Quality of Your Products
  • Shipping to Amazon both Nationally and Internationally
  • Utilizing Product Inspections and Freight Forwarders
  • Sending Payments to Your Supplier
  • Solving Quality Issues from Afar

Week 4's Topics reveal the complexity of selling on Amazon, as sellers have to be tracking where their shipments are, making sure that their products are being inspectedlabeled correctly, and delivered to the right Amazon location, in addition to monitoring the ranking position of their listings. 

One example of the attention to detail that you must bring to your business in KT Nine's training is that Kale dedicates a whole video to emphasizing that you must repeat to the maker of your products that the box must be sealed very well, securely taped shut. 

Otherwise, the product could very well come out of the box while being moved around inside an Amazon Fulfillment Center. 

One of the crucial distinctions you must know if you are to sell on Amazon, is the difference between a UPC code (Universal Product Code) and an FNSKU barcode (Amazon's exclusive barcode system).

Taylor does a thorough walk-through of how to get the FNSKU codes from Amazon Seller Central so that you can send them to your manufacturer to place on each product unit. #helpful

A final observation is that Kale and Taylor provide details how to ship from both nationally and internationally to Amazon fulfillment warehouses. 

This is a helpful detail that only the best Amazon Courses include. 

 Total Video Time: 46 minutes

Week 5: Creating an Auto-Sales Listing

In Week 5, Kale and Taylor show how to create a fully built out an optimized listing, either using your own sweat equity or by employing their Done-For-You Services (Honey Badger Boost). 

Here's the specific topics that K&T cover:

  • How to Outsource Your Listing Creation
  • How to Use Amazon to Optimize Your Listing
  • How to Optimize Your Product Listing Using Seller.Tools
  • Employing Helium 10's Scribbles & Frankenstein Tools to Level up Your Listing (Done by Bradley Sutton)
  • Finding Keywords Using Helium10's Cerebro & Magnet (again guest starring Bradley Sutton)
  • Getting the Most out of Your Title, Bullets, Description and Backend Keywords (aka maximizing every space possible)
  • Taking into Account the Viral Launch Opportunity Score (and what it means for your Listing)
  • Optimizing Your Listing for Spanish-Speaking Minorities
  • Kicking Out Listing Hijackers (Once & For All)

In this week's training, K&T showcase their partnership with Helium 10, as this is Nine University's section on keyword research. 

Additionally, Kale does include a mini series of videos on a variety of hacks that he says "may or may not work for you." 

One of these hacks is the Canonical URL (also referred to as the Super URL) that, in SEO terms, is considered a Black Hat technique as it runs the gamut of going against Amazon's TOS (Terms of Service).


The issue that I have with Kale's presentation of this hack is that he doesn't share how using this technique could get the seller in trouble with Amazon, possible having their product listing punished or even have their account suspended (the horror stories are out there). 

It's similar (at least in my mind) to a doctor saying that a medication is out there, but not sharing the risks of  the medication. 

But when Kale talks about another hack, he does mention that that hack is not kosher with Amazon's TOS, but down plays it, saying using it isn't really a big deal in his experience. 

To each his own. I like to know the risks that I'm getting into and Kale's explanation doesn't really cut it, in my opinion.

 Total Video Time: 2 hours and 28 minutes  

Week 6: Making Your Product The Product

getting the most out of your amazon fba private label photos

In Week 6, Kale and Taylor turn their attention to product photography and teach how to get the most out of each photo through a multiplicity of optimization strategies such as including info-graphics that explain the benefits of your product in image form. 

Here's the complete list of topics they cover in the 6th week of Nine University:

  • The Lightning Fast Way to Dominate with Photography
  • The Top 3 Types of Photos You Must Include in Your Listing
  • How to Easily get Your Studio & Lifestyle Photographs
  • How to Create Infographics Super Simply
  • Implementing the Story Picture Strategy
  • How to Make Your Images Different from Everyone Else's Pictures
  • Amplify Your Rankings with Specially Optimized Photos

Here's an example of the three different types of images K and T encourage you to include on your product listing. 

  1. The main Image is the thumb nail image that grabs the attention of scrolling shoppers. 
  2. The Infographic provides a visual explanation of the functions of your product. 
  3. The Lifestyle Image shows how your product is enjoyed in everyday life. 

Towards the end of this week's training, Kale again offers some hacks. This time, both of the techniques he provides are above-board, not having an issue with Amazon's terms of service. 

Looking to find more about Listing Optimization? Check out my Amazon SEO Guide. 

Amazon SEO Guide

 Total Video Time: 35 Minutes 

Week 7: Elite Level PPC Product Launching + Bots

Nearly the summit of the course, in Week 7, Kale and Taylor cover how to launch your private label product using Amazon PPC (also known as "Amazon Sponsored Ads"). 

They include a helpful PPC campaign checklist, which clearly lays out what needs to be completed at each phase of the launch process. 

KT Nine also cover these 8 topics:

  • PPC Checklist Explained
  • How to Grab ASIN's like There's No Tomorrow
  • Using PPC Campaigns
  • Implementing Viral Launch Keyword Research
  • Starting an Amazon Sponsored Ads Auto Campaign
  • Optimizing Your Campaigns with Teikametrics
  • Adding Spanish Keywords to Increase Sales
  • Cloning Your Auto Campaigns

One of the PPC tools Kale introduced I hadn't heard of yet: Teikametrics.

This is a unique ppc tool that helps fba sellers lose less and sell more on Amazon

This Software as a Service can automatically move high performing keywords from an auto campaign into a manual campaign, as well as mark terms as negative keywords (phrases that take ad spend but don't generate sales), removing them from your  Amazon Sponsored campaigns. 

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