More Clients More Results – Cody Butler

More Clients More Results

More Clients More Results – Cody Butler

What’ll You Get:

  • Week 1: Picking A Niche Specializing (Why You Must Do It) Setting Your Fees Mindset Required For Results Expert Positioning
  • Week 2: Setting Up Linkedin Properly Creating Your Irresistible Message Consistent Web Presence Ready To Start Linkedin Next Week Additional Sales Collateral. free download
  • Week 3: Start Prospecting On Linkedin Contacting Prospects Linkedin Email Templates Following Up Properly (80% of sales) Process Automation
  • Week 4: Prospecting Using Direct Mail Direct Mail Templates Making It Work Without Phone Follow Up
  • Week 5: Getting The Sale Setting up The Sales Consultation Properly Conducting The Sale Call Getting Them To Say “YES” (not I’ll think about it) Locking The Deal Down Getting Paid
  • Week 6: Scaling Your Business Outsourcing Tasks Measuring Success Tracking and Testing Product Delivery

How Do You exactly Make Money?

What Cody teaches and does himself is to find people and businesses online who need clients for their own businesses and then get them leads.

So, for example, you can approach a Catering equipment Supplier on LinkedIn and help them find more clients.

You are shown how to approach these companies via set messages you are given.

You would get access to this Catering Equipment Suppliers LinkedIn account then reach out to other Catering

Companies on Linkedin via direct messages. free download

You are shown how to approach these companies via set messages you are given.

You may approach 25-40 companies a day and hope to get 1-5 replies back a day. when you get a reply back you can let the Catering Equipment Supplier respond and try to turn the lead into a client. free download

You keep repeating this with their LinkedIn account and can get 1-5 leads a day. This could potentially get the Supplier upto 60, 70 or more leads per month which they could potentially convert some to sales.


Name of Course: ​More Clients More Results – Cody Butler

Release Date: 2020

Sale Page:

Author Price: $​1997

Our Price: $​31.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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