Moneyball Trading Program

Moneyball Trading Program

Moneyball Trading Program

Moneyball Trading Program – Helping Traders Become Consistently Profitable And Live The Life They Want!

Are you a trader, going through college, working a 9-5 job or looking to start something new?

Let me guess. You are struggling with…

  • Information Overload: No direction or clarity?
  • Psychology: Having trouble managing the mind and becoming consistently profitable?
  • Holy Grail: Tired of system hopping and cant seem to put the puzzle together?
  • Demo VS Real: Struggle with paper profits vs real profits?
  • College: Racking up debt with no plan? Looking at escaping or not joining the rat race?
  • Freedom: hours of work with little cash flow with no freedom?
  • No Direction: No Patience, discipline or consistency? Looking for a mentor & community?
  • Growth: Struggling to grow a small account into a big account?

It’s Time to Solve Those Problems and Get Your Life and Trading Back.

Millions Of Traders Are Already Trading Consistently Profitable So Why Aren’t You?

Moneyball Trading Program – Become The Trader You’ve Always Wanted!

The Moneyball Trading Program – System, Guided Mentorship, And Community Network From Struggling Trader To Consistently Profitable In The 4 week Training 90-day Transformation Program.

The 4 Week Training 90-Day Transformation Proven Roadmap to Success

  • Trading Basics: New traders start from the ground up, A-Z trading basics.
  • Supply & Demand: Learn where the big money is buying and selling and how we can join them.
  • Trends & Newtons Law Setups: Understand Multiple timeframe analysis and how trend changes using Newton Law.
  • High Probability Trades: Have the ability to spot and trade at high probability based trades and avoid the low quality trades.
  • Top Down Analysis: Trade with a full TDA, entries, exits, targets, psychology, risk management and journal. Everything You need to become a profitable trader.
  • Guided Mentorship: Continue the education with a mentor everyday in chat, daily meetings and Q&A.
  • Network & Community: Be surrounded by other like minded traders

The Worst Reaction is NO ACTION

How much longer will you?

  • Will you let your psychology and fear take over your trading?
  • Continue to blame the market and take accountability?
  • Continue the search for the holy grail?
  • Struggle with Consistency, Discipline, Patience?
  • Deal with Information Overload and Google everything?
  • Remain at the 9-5 job you hate & continue racking up college debt?

It’s Time To Finally Take Action…

Meet Your Mentor: Austin Semeniuk

I’ve Been Trading since 2014. With the System, Guided Mentorship and Community Network I have created. I have taken out all confusion and guesswork about how to become a Consistently Profitable Trader and live the life you want! What I have created is Clarity and a sense of Direction you need to become a trader.

  • Trading Since 2015
  • 1 Year, 16 Countries, 26 Cities And Still Going!
  • Making $500+ per trade
  • Helping Others Become A Trader
  • Interviews On Trading

Moneyball Trading Program

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Name of Course: Moneyball Trading Program | Release Date: 2021

Sale Page:

Author Price: $297| Our Price:$27

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

Contact us via email [email protected] if you want to pay with PayPal & Credit Card

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