Million Dollar Funnels – Anik Singal

Million Dollar Funnels

Million Dollar Funnels – For The First Time Ever, I’m Revealing The 7 Funnels That Have Doubled Our Revenue & Scaled Our Company To Enormous Levels Over The Past Couple of Years. Get Insider’s Access To All Of The Funnels Responsible For This Success – And The Strategies Behind Them.

About Instructor

ANIK SINGAL – I’m a dreamer. I’m a fighter. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a speaker.Most importantly, I’m a teacher.

Every morning, I make myself one solemn promise: to teach others, to teach you, what I know… So you, too, can share in these grand opportunities of creating and growing an online business using my simple digital publishing system.

What I’m Doing & Working On TODAY!

Years ago, when I was starting out and spending countless hours researching and testing, I learned a valuable lesson. One that shifted my whole business mindset.

You see, there’s a massive amount of information out there that will lead you down the wrong path! Ideas, strategies and formulas that will HURT your business more than help it (believe me, I’ve tried a countless number of them)!

I’ve seen firsthand, too many people invest absurd amounts of time and money into resources that will never work, and it breaks my heart.

So, here’s my mission each and every day…

I promise to provide the most proven, most direct, and most beneficial ideas, strategies and blueprints to ENSURE your success: professionally, financially and personally!

My team and I will constantly create new entrepreneurial solutions that deliver the best results for today’s markets and technologies. So… If you’re willing to fight for your business and your success, I personally will never stop fighting for you.


Million Dollar Funnels includes:

  • 24 Lessons
  • 4:07:04 Video content
  • Full lifetime access
  • LURN Student Support

What You Will Learn inside Million Dollar Funnels:

  • Welcome!
  • Module #1: Introduction To Funnels
  • Module #2: Traditional Opt-in Funnels
  • Module #3: Webinar Registration With A Twist Funnels
  • Module #4: The Hidden Webinar Registration Funnel
  • Module #5: Bootcamp Funnels
  • Module #6: Low Ticket Profit Funnel
  • Module #7: Direct Super Ticket Funnel
  • Module #8: Virtual Summit Funnels
  • Module #9: Big Takeaways


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