Michael Breen – Sharpen Your Pitch

Sharpen Your Pitch

Sharpen ​Your Pitch – Michael Breen

​What to change when pitching to groups versus individuals – mass communication requires a completely different approach to individual communication.

Who is it for?

Although this program was delivered to help coaches, consultants and trainers pitch and win business – the truth is it applies to all of us.

If you are communicating – then you are pitching.

You see pitching applies to all communication, be it asking your manager for a raise, convincing your spouse to watch a movie, selling yourself in a job interview or asking for a cup of tea…it’s all pitching!

Or as Michael puts it:

  “You get what you ask for so you may as well get good at asking”

​What will you get in Sharpen Your Pitch:

And that’s what this course is about – the pitching process that work in the real world and delivers results.

Michael has put this information into a step by step training course that will take you from complete newbie to pitch master extraordinaire!

And, this 5 step process works in any industry and for any client – in fact, as you go through the course you will see that flexibility is built into the process.

How This Program “Sharpen Your Pitch” Will Help You

  • The complete audio recordings of the 2 day live workshop with Michael Breen
  • Including live hot seats of Michael critiquing and refining the audiences pitches (audio download)
  • 2 hour long interview with me interrogating Michael (audio download)
  • Includes more in-depth tools on how to prepare for a pitch
  • Includes more ‘war stories’ and real life examples from Michaels career
  • Includes questions I thought you would want more information on.
  • The manual from the original seminar (pdf download)
  • Key information on Synectics – the art of discovering new links and ideas in Sharpen Your Pitch
  • Annotated Article on ‘How to Pitch a Brilliant Idea’ so you can learn pitching insights from the best pitchers in Hollywood.
  • Includes the 11 Principles Of A Successful Pitch
  • Michael’s favourite heurisitics for Pitching
  • Michael Breen’s personal Pitching Checklist – all 49 questions you’ll want to answer before you pitch
  • A workbook designed by Michael to help take you through the 5 step process and refine your own pitch(pdf download)
  • Includes key questions to help you identify gaps in your pitching
  • Includes a step by step guide of the 5 step pitching process
  • Includes Michael Breen’s personal Pitching Checklist
  • How to get inside your audience’s head the right way
  • What questions to ask to get deep inside the audience’s mind-set so your pitch lands on target
  • The six key questions to ask about your solution so it fits the customer like a glove
  • How to build the bridge between the customer’s problem and your solution so they are far more likely to say Yes!
  • Takes you through the Synectics creativity process so you can generate brilliant big ideas and hooks to hold your audience’s attention.

And more…

Over decades of pitching across multiple industries from advertising to finance, from pharmaceutical to government, from the technology sector to celebrities and entertainment bosses, Michael has discovered there are five aspects to pitching.

Proof – Sharpen Your Pitch

Name of Course: ​Michael Breen – Sharpen Your Pitch

Release Date: 2021

Sale Page: ​http://blankrefer.com/?https://www.nlptimes.com/programs/SalesPages/SYP.html

Author Price: $1​59

Our Price: $​34.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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