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Metabolic Autophagy Master Class

Metabolic Autophagy Master Class – Siim Land

Metabolic Autophagy Master Class is a program for optimizing longevity and performance with intermittent fasting. It’s a collection of instructional lectures, walkthrough videos, meal examples, coaching calls, and step-by-step guides.

This masterclass helps you to lose weight, increase your energy, promote longevity with autophagy while at the same time being able to build lean muscle with it and improving metabolic health.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 12+ Hours of Video Content
  • 35+ Video Lectures About Metabolic Autophagy
  • Metabolic Autophagy E-Book PDF
  • How to Fast for Fat Loss, Muscle Growth, and Longevity
  • How to Structure Your Macros
  • What Foods to Eat for Optimal Nutrition
  • Targeted Intermittent Fasting Blueprint
  • How to Avoid Common Mistakes
  • Autophagy Boosting Foods
  • Meal Examples
  • Workout Examples
  • Metabolic Autophagy Diet Cookbook PDF
  • 70+ Recipes with Macros and Ingredients
  • BONUS: Coaching Call Recordings and Biohacking Bootcamp

There are a lot of misconceptions and fallacies about fasting and autophagy that may leave the inexperienced practitioner confused and hit plateaus. This course teaches you how to fast for optimal results for many different goals whether that be fat loss, muscle growth, longevity or overall health.

All the information provided is based on science and backed up by research in the field of human physiology, nutrition, and body composition. Whether or not you’re going to get the results you desire depends on how much action you’re going to take. The course will give you the guidelines and walkthroughs that you can start to follow.

Your Instructor

Siim Land is a professional biohacker who’s been practicing intermittent fasting for 8 years, starting since high school. He got interested in improving body composition and getting lean but after doing more research he realized that fasting has many other benefits.

After having practiced and researched intermittent fasting for years, Siim Land brings together all the relevant information and walks you through how to start, what to do when you get stuck, what mistakes to avoid, which food to eat in what amounts and when.

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