​MASTERING THE MARKETS – With a pc and a high-speed web connection, the data contained herein will help you in your quest, providing you with the flexibility to be in enterprise wherever on planet Earth, anytime a market is open.

Dan Gibby

Mr. Gibby possesses more than 25 years’ experience in equity and options trading, with expertise in technical analysis, using options to hedge and speculate, and portfolio/asset management using charts and volatility.

He uses technical analysis, market internals, sentiment gauges, and volatility to trade options for monthly income and invest in directional strategies for wealth using Master Trader’s techno-fundamental approach. He thrives in times of high volatility and extreme market euphoria or fear.

With an extensive knowledge of U.S. market micro-structure, high-volume intra-day trading, finance, and general business concepts, Mr. Gibby acted as Head of Corporate Proprietary Trading for a global principal trading firm of equities and futures for nine years which grew to over 100 offices and 1,500 traders globally, with trading volumes exceeding three billion shares/month.

Among other management duties, he created and maintained all educational content on trading, provided technical direction to the firm’s worldwide traders, and managed the firm’s proprietary trading account and option layover strategies which generated significant additional income.

What’s included in MASTERING THE MARKETS:

Market Preparation, Trading Gaps And Trading The Open

  • Determine the bias for the broader markets and major sectors using technical analysis, oscillators, and market internals.
  • Prepare each market morning by updating your trade bias based on Futures, Gaps, Pristine ESP™, key newsletters, and morning news.
  • Prepare for market movements from economic reports.
  • Scan your universe of stocks and sectors for compelling opportunities.
  • Use Pristine ESP™ to trade the open.
  • Monitor news and market movers for preand post-market trading opportunities.
  • Manage all open trades like a professional. Trade with and against gap openings.
  • Trade sector and stock related strength and weakness.
  • Create and profit from a “Thought Process Checklist.”

Mastering Breakouts And Breakdowns

  • Proper bases and consolidations.
  • Congestion versus fluid moves.
  • Initial breakouts and breakdowns.
  • Retracements from breakouts and breakdowns.
  • Secondary breakouts and breakdowns.
  • Breakouts and breakdowns from Wide Range Bars.
  • Breakouts and breakdowns from Gaps.
  • Breakouts and breakdowns after bullish and bearish retests.
  • Quizzes to test your ability to find quality breakouts and breakdowns.
  • Using Pristine ESP™ to find breakouts and breakdowns.
  • Late Day Breakouts and Breakdowns.
  • Proper entry and trade management.

Precision Trading On Company News

  • Gauge traders’ perceptions of fear and greed.
  • Intelligently predict how a stock “should” react to various news events.
  • Find tradable opportunity in affected stocks, including fading the “expected” move.
  • Analyze opportunity in over a dozen news events, including bankruptcy; biotechnology discoveries; buyouts; debt rating changes; disasters and sabotage; earnings and dividends; illegal activity and governmental investigations; layoffs and strikes; product recalls; comments by public news sources and analyst rating changes; short interest; stock splits, and more.
  • Create and profit from a “Thought Process Checklist.”

Precision Buying and selling On Firm Information

  • Gauge merchants’ perceptions of worry and greed.
  • Intelligently predict how a inventory “ought to” react to varied information occasions.
  • Discover tradable alternative in affected shares, together with fading the “anticipated” transfer.
  • Analyze alternative in over a dozen information occasions, together with chapter; biotechnology discoveries; buyouts; debt score adjustments; disasters and sabotage; earnings and dividends; criminal activity and governmental investigations; layoffs and strikes; product remembers; feedback by public information sources and analyst score adjustments; quick curiosity; inventory splits, and extra.
  • Create and revenue from a “Thought Course of Guidelines.”


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