Master Campaign Calendar – Chase Dimond

Master Campaign Calendar

Master Campaign Calendar – Chase Dimond

Master Campaign Calendar Guide by Chase Dimond is a PDF that contains 96 different email campaign ideas that can send for your brand or your clients brand(s) throughout the course of the year.

Think things like a best sellers campaign, refer a friend campaign, a Halloween campaign, a giveaway campaign, and 92 other campaign ideas.

For each campaign, I include 2-3 actual email examples, along with 2-3 subject lines and preview text.

Additionally, I breakdown the why/what for each campaign.

Here’s a freebie so you can see the exact format.

This is the content included for the Best Seller Campaign:

Chase Dimond – Master Campaign Calendar Guide BEST SELLER CAMPAIGN

Email Overview:

  • Great for brands that sell a decent number of products. The more products you sell, the more overwhelmed consumers can get by your offerings.
  • This campaign helps consumers focus on the products that others have purchased/enjoyed the most. This plays on the psychology that people want to buy products that others, like them, have purchased.
  • By curating and recommending your stores best sellers, this campaign does a good job at driving sales.


  • You need these
  • The best sellers are
  • Compliments guaranteed

Preview Text Ideas:

  • These are our Must have
  • Our Stuffs is the coolest
  • All the best – Just for you

Meet Your Instructor

Welcome! I’m Chase Dimond, and I love email marketing.

My personal background is in community building through email marketing so choosing email marketing as our sole offering made a ton of sense.

After a monumental conversation I had with my friend Nick, we decided to niche down, even more, to just focus on email marketing for eCommerce businesses. This was hands down the best decision we ever made. At the first two agencies when I met with people (prospects, friends, and family), I would them my agency offered everything which in their minds, meant we did nothing well. As the popular saying goes: “Jack of all trades, master of none.” This was something that always frustrated me about agencies so we decided to make the leap to narrowing our focus.

Now after I leave meetings people not only understand what we do but we have done so well for our clients that people are really attracted to wanting to work with us as we have the results and testimonials to prove we’re some of the top email marketers.

Don’t you find that people can be a little stingy with information that can make you money?

My philosophy is: There’s more than enough to go around. In my three years of growing a 7-figure email marketing agency, I feel I’ve learned all of the best kept secrets.

My course exposes all of the ways that you can 2x, 5x, or 10x your email revenue using my email marketing tips.

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