Master Any Skill – Ulrich Boser

Master Any Skill

Master Any Skill – Ulrich Boser

Master Any Skill – Award winning learning scientist reveals his “target, acquire & apply” method for accelerated learning. This program was designed to produce real results and help you learn better.

Everyday there’s a new podcast to listen to, a new book to read, and a new skill to learn. “More, more, more!” comes the constant call to consume.

So while there’s never been more information, there’s never been less focus.

And when it comes to mastering skills, improving your memory, and unlocking the potential in your mind…

It’s less about WHAT TO LEARN, and more about HOW TO LEARN!

Faster and smarter learning is less about what book you should read, and more about mastering how to read any book in such a way that you actually get better from it.

Because focusing on the “what” and not the “how” of learning creates perpetual “learning traps”.That’s why this Master Any Skill course is a truly “first of its kind” accelerated learning program.

Because it’s not about more, more, more… But instead focuses entirely on the science-backed research of how to learn faster, smarter, and better.

Using Ulrich Boser’s own “Target, Acquire, & Apply Framework”.

It helps turn information overwhelm into structured progress and skill mastery.

Plus, not only is it taught by an actual practitioner and world-renowned learning scientist, someone who’s using these exact strategies with some of the most prestigious organizations today…

But more importantly, everything inside has already been scientifically proven to work!


  • TARGET: You’ll learn how to strategically identify both what you need to learn and how you need to learn it. Instead of drinking from a firehose of potential information, you’ll “cherry pick” the knowledge with the highest leverage for your current situation.
  • ACQUIRE: You’ll discover proven scientifically backed tactics to acquire any kind of knowledge smarter and faster. You’ll remember more, understand topics more clearly, and turn your mind into an organized library of insights to predictably call on.
  • APPLY: Then you’ll break down your top learnings and convert them into action items for yourself and your business. While others brag about the 100 books they read, you’ll be 10x in front of them by reading just one.


  • Eliminate information overwhelm and turn consumption into creation
  • Become an expert in almost anything without wasting 10000 hours
  • Make better decisions in life and business to achieve your goals
  • Learn and retain information faster than you ever have before
  • And ultimately master any skill you choose

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Introduction to metalearning
  • Module 2: Setting up your learning systems
  • Module 3: How to learn anything online
  • Module 4: The founder’s learning toolbox
  • Module 5: Learning unlock: Tactics for business growth
  • Bonuses

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Release Date: 2021

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