Luisa Zhou – The Mindset of Money

The Mindset of Money – You can finally feel more confident and be in control when it comes to money – especially making more of it..

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The Mindset of Money – A 4-part video series that’ll help you understand the Mindset of Money. So you can finally feel more confident and be in control when it comes to money – especially making more of it.

The little-known key to finally “getting” money… So you can take back your confidence & control.

But first, let’s talk about what ISN’T the key:

  • Trying to “manifest” more money,
  • “Holding” the energy,
  • Upping your vibe,
  • Transmuting your sexual power,
  • Using psychedelics,
  • Mindlessly repeating affirmations, or
  • Good ol’ “just focus on feeling good”.

Sure, these things can help to a certain degree. BUT ultimately, they’re “band-aid” solutions.

What’s inside The Mindset of Money?

It doesn’t matter how high your vibe is or how hard you work if your Money Mindset is not confident & in control.

But it also doesn’t have to be complicated to change that:

(1) Learn how money really works.

I’m not talking about budgeting or the economy. I’m talking about the not-so-logical way money responds to your Mindset – which wealthy entrepreneurs know, even if most can’t fully explain it.

(2) Discover how to pinpoint your unique beliefs about money so they stop holding you back.

Often, these beliefs are such an established part of our identities that we don’t even realize they’re there!

(3) Learn what to do to change your Money Mindset to one that will support you in making a lot more money…with a lot less struggle.

Contrary to popular unwisdom, this is NOT as trivial as “deciding” to believe something different. It takes a bit more than that to change beliefs that you’ve held for decades.

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