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Dropshipping Course Reviews

eCom Hacks

eCom Hacks - Jared Goetz

24 hours and 18 minutes of content. 3.7/5 - Easy to follow, great FB community & support. Price: $1 999

eCom Elites

eCom Elites - Franklin Hatchett

34 hours 32 minutes of content. 3.9/5 - Very detailed, one of the longest eCom courses out there. Price: $197.

eCom Success Academy

eCom Success Academy - Adrian Morrison

39 hours and 34 minutes of content. 4.0/5 - Very detailed, the first and still one of the best dropshipping courses. Price: $2 495.

Drop Ship Lifestyle

Drop Ship Lifestyle - Anton Kraly

27 hours and 12 minutes of content. 3.7/5 - The number one, best selling drop shipping course. Price: $2 997.

Amazon FBA Course Reviews

Private Label Masters

Private Label Masters - Tim Sanders

20 hours 39 minutes of content. 4.5/5 - Excellent Content and Structure. Active FBA Mastermind. Price: $4,997 (But if you pay on the phone, you get 1.5k off)

Blue Sky Amazon Courses

Blue Sky Amazon Courses - Sophie Howard

35 hours of content. 4.5/5 - Unique Selling Strategy for Long Term Sales. Price: $3,449.

Amazing Selling Machine 12

Amazing Selling Machine 12 - Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark

19 hours of content. 4.0/5 - Excellent in Both Content and Structure, self-hosted support group. Price: $5,000

FBA Sales Accelerator

FBA Sales Accelerator - Ryan Rigney

16 hours of video. 4.0/5 - Excellent Content, a bit dated though (2018). Price: $497.

Nine University

Nine University - Kale & Taylor

16 hours of video. 3.0/5 - Average Content, Helpful if a Newbie to FBA. Price: $1,997.

Affiliate Marketing Course Reviews

Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates  – Franklin Hatchett’s Course

9 massive modules full of to-the-point training. 3.9/5 - Very well-rounded course, surprisingly good training on SEO. Price: $197.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate - Kyle Loudoun

Mix of written training with accompanying videos. 3.6/5 - Good but repetitive training module, complete with an interactive community. Info is extremely outdated for 2019. Price: $50 a month.

Pay Per Call Affiliate Training

Kallzu Ads - Pay Per Call Affiliate Training

5 hours and 54 minutes of content. 3.0/5 - Course information presented well, easy to understand. Price: $3,997.

Facebook Ad Agency Course Reviews

6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency

6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency - Billy Willson

8 hours and 17 minutes of content. 4.0/5 - Comprehensive FB Ads Course, Easy to Follow Structure. Price: $500.

Facebook Ads Ninja

Facebook Ads Ninja - Kevin David

15 hours and 5 minutes of content. 4.0/5 - Straightforward, comprehensive, great energy, and many expert tips/tricks. Sometimes scattered, overly detailed, and pitchy. Price: $1,997.

Paid Traffic Mastery

Paid Traffic Mastery - Molly Pittman

11 hours and 45 minutes of content. 4.5/5 - In-depth Facebook ads training course presented in a manner conducive to learning. Much value is presented in this course as you're also taught how to advertise on Google, Youtube and LinkedIn. This course should be priced much higher for what you learn. Price: $495.

Sale Training Course Reviews

Straight Line Persuasion

Straight Line Persuasion - Jordan Belfort

Mix of written training with accompanying videos. 5/5 - Excellent Holistic Sales Training, Covers Both the Process and Application Details - Highly Recommend. Price: $497 & $4,997 (2 different levels available).

Cardone University

Cardone University - Grant Cardone

Hundreds of Hours of Content. 3.5/5 - Very broad set of courses, great for motivation, lack of depth. Price: $97 per month

Closer School

Closer School - Brad Lea

4 hours of content. 3.0/5 - Provides Basic Overview of Sales Process, but lacks depth, lacks specific applications. Price: $397

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