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Limbic System Trauma Reverse

Limbic System Trauma Reverse – How to Target the Limbic System to Reverse Trauma’s Physiological Imprint

Learn the most practical, effective strategies from the world’s top experts for helping patients resolve trauma that’s held in the brain and body.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Everything is yours to keep forever in your professional library
  • Downloadable videos so you can watch at your convenience, on any device
  • Audio recordings you can download and listen to at home, in the car, at the gym or wherever you like
  • TalkBack Segments to distill key ideas (this is where we “land” the session)
  • Next Week in Your Practice sessions to give you concrete strategies to use with patients
  • Professionally-formatted transcripts of the sessions, to make review and action simple
  • Three downloadable bonus videos to help you work more effectively with trauma

What You Will Learn Inside Limbic System Trauma Reverse

  • What’s Happening in the Body During Trauma
  • Working with a Client’s Trauma Story
  • Getting a Reading on a Traumatized Nervous System
  • How to Use Movement to Help a Client’s Body “Unlearn” Its Adaptation to Trauma
  • How to Target the Limbic System to Reverse Trauma’s Impact on the Body
  • Critical Insights into Working with Trauma Through the Limbic System
  • Strategic Practices to Target the Limbic System in the Treatment of Trauma

Bonus 1: How the Body’s Incomplete Response to Trauma Can Aggravate Symptoms – Robert Scaer, MD

  • What’s Happening in the Brain During the Freeze Response?
  • How Shame Triggers the Freeze Response
  • Healing the Traumatized Body and Brain in Tandem

Bonus 2: How to Work with Clients Who Are Stuck in a Trauma Response – Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD

  • Three Critical Steps to Help a Client Shift Out of a Trauma Response
  • When a Client’s Response to Trauma Is Protecting Them (and When It Isn’t)
  • A Practice to Help Clients Shift Out of Numbness and Reconnect with Their Emotions

Bonus 3: How Compassion Balances the Nervous System – Kelly McGonigal, PhD, Emiliana Simon-Thomas, PhD

  • What Happens in the Body as Compassion Unfolds
  • The Extraordinary Power of Compassion to Improve Heart Rate Variability
  • Zeroing in on the Link Between Compassion and Increased Vagal Tone and Flexibility


Limbic System Trauma Reverse

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