Lillian Chiu – Breaking into Business Analytics in Tech

Breaking into Business Analytics in Tech – Lillian will demonstrate the entire business analysis process from 0 to 1 by solving a case study,..

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Breaking into Business Analytics in Tech – Lillian will demonstrate the entire business analysis process from 0 to 1 by solving a case study, which is a common interview format for business analyst interviews in tech.

Regardless of your background, whether it’s in marketing, project management, operations, engineering, this course helps develop your “data analytics skills” and “business sense” to solve any hard business problems at work.

What’s inside Breaking into Business Analytics in Tech?

  • 23 Lessons
  • Includes learning materials: Raw Data, Problem Solving Framework, Presentation Templates, and more
  • Total Video Duration: Approximately 3.4 hours
  • Watch any tim, anywhere, with unlimited access
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Course Outline:

  • Ch 1 Problem Solving Framework
  • Ch 2 Logical Thinking: Structuring the Business Problem
  • Ch 3 Analytical Thinking / Asking the Right Data Questions
  • Ch 4 Data Analytics: Data Wrangling, Visualization, Extracting Insights
    How to Organize and Prepare for Data Analysis Using Google Slides and Google Sheets
    Data Analysis Example: Analyzing Total Demand
    Data Analysis Example: Analyzing Top Performing Stores
    Data Analysis Example: Analyzing Worst Performing Store
    Data Analysis Example: Analyzing Order Frequency
    Data Analysis Example: Analyzing Average Order Size
  • Ch 5 Developing Business Recommendations
    The Key to Creating a Business Strategy
    Turning Insights into Business Recommendations (step-by-step Part 1)
    Turning Insights into Business Recommendations (step-by-step Part 2)
  • Ch 6 Building a Business Presentation
    Building a Winning Business Presentation – Storytelling
    Structuring a Business Presentation
    Formatting: Visual Thinking, Writing Headline, Communications Flow
    Driving Impact: Integrate Your Business Logic Thinking into Your Presentation
    How to Write and Present Data, Insights, and Business Recommendations (Formulas + Templates)
    The Most Important Slide: How to Write a Concise Executive Summary
    Final Presentation Tip/Submitting your Case Study
  • Ch 7 Preparing for a Business Analyst Role
    What does a Business Analyst actually do? What are the 3 core skills?
    Common Career Background/Relevant Work Experiences
  • Ch 8 Business Analyst Job and Interview Tips
    How to find business analyst roles and tips for applying/How to prepare and write your resume?
    What to expect during your business analyst interviews?
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