Learn UI Design – Erik Kennedy

Learn UI Design

Learn UI Design – Erik Kennedy

Learn UI Design – The Video Course


Over 30 hours of video lessons, filled with strategies and live examples covering all major areas of UI design. Watch me, Erik, as I actually design dozens of examples right in front of you.

Go from “I don’t have an eye for design” to being able to confidently design interfaces for any site or app. This course covers enough knowledge for you to go and get hired as a UI designer.

Get a practical foundation in all of the areas you feel like you don’t have a clue:

Picking a color palette (and why that’s a misnomer in practice)

What fonts to use (and, if you want to dive deeper, why and how to pair them)

Laying out elements on your page

How to present your designs (the most critical business skill for any designer)

How to build your gut instinct for design (it can be done)

Note: if you want to hear about design theory, about “rhythm” and the “golden ratio”, etc., you’ll have to go elsewhere. This course is only the industry-tested lessons I’ve learned and used on the job. Think of it more like on-the-job-training or a course taught by an industry professional, rather than ivory tower philosophizing.

I made this course to be the single best way to learn UI design. It’s far more in-depth than a simple video or article, but way cheaper and easier than going to art school (and you don’t have to quit your day job!).


The Learn UI Design course is chocked full of live video demos. Watch as we generate dozens of layouts, elements, color schemes, and more. From blank canvas to finished design, you’ll see how the process looks at every step of the way.

Articles can have good information, and slide decks can be illustrative – but live videos combine the best of both worlds and then some. In addition, I’ve augmented the videos with screenshots of hundreds of the best interfaces for web and mobile. We’ll talk about the very best of what’s out there. But the focus is on opening up Sketch (or Figma) and doing it for ourselves.

Think of it this way: I’ve designed these videos to be like watching over my shoulder, as I share the tricks, tips, and frameworks that have helped me design UI every day for companies around the world.

We’re going to dive into and break down every major area of interface design.

Which lesson are you going to do first?


  • You just want to finish a single design – not learn skills to serve you for years
  • You believe you can become a better designer by passively watching videos (newsflash: you will have to do the homework assignments if you want to improve)
  • You’re not a self-motivated learner (this is an online course, after all. I’m not handing out grades)


  • You’re eager to learn and practice UI design
  • You’ve tried designing something before – and it didn’t come out so great
  • You know learning UI design will add value to your career (thousands of dollars or more)
  • You’re self-motivated when it comes to learning – after all, no one’s standing over your shoulder telling you to do your homework
  • You’ve got some interest in tech (the more you enjoy geeking out about software, the quicker you’ll learn)

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