Module 1: ORIENTATIONIn Module One, we’ll lay out a plan on how to make the most of this program so that it can have the maximum impact on your Amazon business

Module 2: UNDERSTANDING THE BUSINESSIn Module Two, you’ll set a solid foundation for your wholesale business. By the end of this module you will have an in-depth understanding of the Amazon marketplace, the wholesale business model, and how to properly set your business up for success.We’ll Cover:2-1 Selling on Amazon 1012-2 The Wholesale Business Model2-3 Seller Central 1012-4 Getting Started2-5 What’s Next

Module 3: FINDING PROFITABLE SUPPLIERSIn Module 3, you’ll learn the core milestone of what spells true success for a profitable Amazon wholesale business – finding profitable suppliers.

In this module I share 8 methods and over 9 hours of training on how to source the right suppliers, what criteria they must have, where to find them, and more importantly how to open them as accounts!

I’ll share the exact word for word scripts, templates and processes I use to overcome objection and land some of my most profitable vendors.

A lot of inexperienced sellers use the wrong approach to contact suppliers.The lessons in this module will help you eliminate those mistakes and have you opening profitable wholesale accounts.We’ll Cover:3-1 Intro to Wholesale Sourcing3-2 Online Search3-3 Category Filtering3-4 Leaf Sourcing3-5 Software Filtering3-6 Targeting the Competition3-7 Trade Show Lists3-8 The Secret to Successful Wholesale Accounts3-9 Contacting Distributors & Wholesalers3-10 Contacting Brands3-11 From Leads to Profits

Module 4: BUYING THE RIGHT PRODUCTSIn module 4, I’m going to share all my secrets to finding profitable and replenishable products. Knowing what products to buy (and more importantly which products to avoid) is one of the most important things you must know.

I go deep in uncovering the do’s and don’ts of product research, providing over 10 hours of video walkthroughs of how I use these strategies to source my products, negotiate discounts and close profitable deals.We’ll Cover:4-1 Sourcing 1014-2 Product Research 14-3 Product Research 24-4 Product Research 34-5 Product Research 44-6 Product Research Hack with Jungle Scout4-7 Scanning Price Lists with Software4-8 Scanning Price Lists with Tactical Arbitrage4-9 Scanning Price Lists with AMZ Analyzer4-10 Scanning Price Lists with Price Checker 24-11 Sourcing Tips4-12 Placing Your First Orders4-13 Negotiating 1014-14 Working With Suppliers

Module 5: SHIPPING & LOGISTICSAs wholesale sellers on Amazon, we’re constantly responsible for handling thousands of physical products.

Whether it’s placing orders from the suppliers, from receiving inventory, to labeling, prepping and packing that inventory. To shipping it back out to Amazon and everything in between, Module 5 will teach you everything that you need to know about handling, running and operating a wholesale FBA businessWe’ll Cover:5-1 Amazon Shipping 1015-2 Creating Shipments5-3 Product Prep5-4 Inventory Workflow5-5 Supplier Shipping To Amazon5-6 Working with Prep Centers

Module 6: MANAGING YOUR INVENTORYIt’s important to ensure all critical components of your business are effective, efficient, and they contribute to the business’s bottom line.

This means you’ll learn how to manage your products on Amazon, understand when and how to reorder inventory, manage your money, and use all of this information to make buying decisions and ensure a profitable FBA business.We’ll Cover:6-1 Inventory Management 1016-2 Keeping Track Of Your Products6-3 Pricing and Competition6-4 Replenishment Strategies6-5 Replenishing your Inventory6-6 Inventory Management Software6-7 Inventory Health


In module 7 of Wholesale Academy, you’ll learn how to keep your Amazon account in top notch health and maintain compliance in the face of Amazon’s changing rules.What this means is learning how to avoid and deal with issues, complaints, IP violations, account suspensions, as well as setting up systems to run your business the right way.We’ll Cover:7-1 Account Health 1017-2 Dealing with Customers7-3 Removing Negative Feedback7-4 Account Management

Module 8: GROWING YOUR BUSINESSYou’ve done the hard work (modules 1-7), implemented the strategies, opened profitable wholesale accounts, and you’re making money. Congratulations!Module 8 tackles the “growth” aspect of your Amazon business. How to multiply your success and set the bedrock for scalability (more on this in the advanced trainings)We’ll Cover:8-1 How To Succeed in Wholesale8-2 Graduation8-3 Continuing Education

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