KJ Business Collection – Katelyn James

KJ Business Collection

KJ Business Collection – Empowering Photographers to Build Profitable and Purposeful Business.

As photographers, we tend to love our job behind the camera but cringe at the work we have to do behind the computer screen. From taxes to workflows to pricing and booking, the BUSINESS SIDEof our business can leave us feeling like frauds and can steal the joy and freedom that we desired from our businesses in the first place. If you’re tired of drowning in the behind the scenes of you business, you can experience true change. You can thrive instead of just survive…. let me help you make the change!

What’s Inside KJ Business Collection

Module 1: The Art of A Personal Brand

  • How to Build a Brand that No One Can Compete With
  • The Personal and Professional Balance of an Effective Brand
  • The Foundational Steps that Build Relational Equity in a Brand
  • How to Create Your Own Engaging Content for Your Personal Brand

Module 2: Community Marketing

  • The Secrets to Creating a Loyal & Committed Tribe
  • How to Increase Your Value & Purpose Simultaneously
  • Say Goodbye to Bridal Shows, Burnout & Bad Marketing Attempts
  • Establishing & Growing Your Three Vital Points of Connection

Module 3: Blogging + Your Personal Brand

  • Why Blogging Produces Loyal Clients & How to Get Started
  • How to Win your Clients Over Through Writing
  • Katelyn’s Blog Writing Template & Workflow
  • Using Blogging to Build your Tribe & Transform your Editing Workflow!

Module 4: Realistic Social Media Management

  • Breaking through the Barriers of Personal Sharing
  • Stop Wasting Time on Instagram & Facebook (& Start Making Money)
  • Create a Realistic Social Media Plan that is actually Attainable & Not Overwhelmin
  • Utilizing Standard Instagram Posting & Instastories in your Business

Module 5: The Complete KJ Bride Experience

  • My Streamlined System of Client Surprises
  • Access to Our “Initial Inquiry” Email Template that Prevents Ghosting
  • Access to All of the 10 Phases of the KJ Bride Experience
  • Find out how much of your work you need to give away!

KJ Business Collection

Module 6: Foundations of Business + Finance

  • How We Save, Spend and Make Our Business Financially Secure
  • How to Get Started & Maintain a Legally Official Business
  • Insurance Options, 3 Types of Taxes You Need to Pay, & The Truth About Debt
  • Our Financial Monthly Checklist

Module 7: Technical Branding + Specialization

  • Design Education to Help Enhance Both Young and Experienced Brands
  • Worksheet: Find Clarity Instead of Confusion When Defining Your Ideal Client
  • “Must Have Branding Elements” and “Hot Mess” Checklists
  • Website Critiques: Learn From Real Life Examples From Fellow Students

Module 8: Office Organization + Systems

  • Fixing the Battle Between “Maintaining vs Growing” Tasks
  • Post-Processing & Booking Workflows + Software We Can’t Live Without
  • Learn My Systems for TEN Different Aspects of My Office Life
  • Find Your Individual Productivity Style and Your Bottlenecks in Your Business

Module 9: Healthy + Effective Networking

  • The Do’s and Don’t’s of Vendor Networking
  • The Power of Bursting Out of Your Bubble : Genuine Friendships Lead to Trustworthy Referrals
  • How to Build Your Reputation IN-PERSON, PRE & POST-EVENT & BEYOND THE EVENT
  • Booking through Planners, Venues, Vendors & Past Clients

Module 10: Simplified Pricing

  • Determining Your Income Goal & If You Have a Technical Pricing Issue or a Confidence Issue!
  • Determining What You’re Worth & Why
  • 4 Dimensions of Value vs. THE DEAD ZONE
  • Our Simplified Pricing System for Weddings, Destination Work, and Family & Friends

Module 11: Portfolio Selection + Styling

  • Curation Training: What to Keep, What to Trash, & What Will Elevate Your Brand
  • Portfolio Critiques: What is Working, What Isn’t & Why
  • Styling Checklist : Creating Your Portfolio with Intention: Order, Flow, Feel & Design
  • Creating Cohesiveness : Matching Your Portfolio to Your Overall Brand & Where You’re Headed

Module 12: Protecting Your Passion + Purpose

  • Discovering How Your Passion Can Fulfill Your Purpose (recorded LIVE)

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Sale Page: https://katelynjames.com/kj-business-collection

Author Price: $699 | Our Price: $75

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