Joe Lampton – Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator – Joe Lampton

Who is Joe Lampton?

Joe Lampton is a Romanian who works in the adult-industry and is prominent on Twitter, with the written word, and more visually, flexing, on Instagram.

He’s got quite a following, almost 9k on Twitter – talking about dating, intersexual dynamics, webcam studios, aggressive mindset, and how to win at life.

About Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator has improved massively from his previous book Obsessed, in terms of design. Smooth Operator is sleek. Either Joe learned to design himself, or got help, or outsourced it.The subtitle is very clear in the goal of the book: how to build a better instagram that attracts more women.

Instagram is your new business card

RESPECT and SEX are earned on this platform.

Men measure you up and calculate your status

Women analyze you and decide if you’re worthy of sex or not


Perceived as a nobody or as a high-value male.

You will be taught in Smooth Operator:

  • How to find the most attractive women from your area on Instagram
  • How to make thousands of beautiful females follow your account
  • How to display a high status and how to draw more attention. More attention, more sex.
  • What pictures to take, what stories to post, how to make women answer your DM’s and how to get them to DM you
  • How to build credibility and a phenomenal reputation

Now you’re thinking huh is that the idea of attracting women?

Well, if you can make a woman MAD, it means you can make her FEEL. If you have no influence on a woman’s internal emotional system, you mean nothing to her. So her getting angry is an indicator of her interest in you.


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