Janka Method – Approach Manual

Janka Method

Janka Method offers techniques on how to approach women, start conversations, and build instant sexual chemistry.

Developed by a Harvard educated writer, it covers the stages of the attraction process and takes you from “hello” all the way to the bedroom.

What You Learn Inside Janka Method

  • How to approach any woman
  • How to get her phone number in under 2 minutes
  • How to eliminate all nervousness and awkwardness when talking to women
  • Meeting women everywhere you go, without any hesitation or fear of approach
  • How to create instant sexual chemistry
  • How to initiate interesting conversations with women that lead to dates and sex
  • How to make a great first impression on a women
  • How to develop the necessary skills to meet women in a variety of situations
  • What to say to make a great impression and get her phone number


  • Text Game
  • Closing

About Paul Janka

In the years between serious relationships, Paul Janka, a writer and entrepreneur residing in New York City, has spent considerable time and effort discovering the most effective methods to help men overcome their obstacles to meeting women.

Paul’s witty, brash, politically incorrect dating advice has helped thousands of men around the world decode the fairer sex. Paul has been featured on Dr. Phil, MSNBC, The Today Show, Fox News, and offers elite personal coaching to clients around the world. Paul graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Physics.

But Paul Is Handsome..?

You might think that Paul get’s results because he’s “good looking.” Sure, that doesn’t hurt. But Paul has thousands of average and even “ugly” students who meet beautiful women every day.

Paul’s technique uses volume and an escalating series of approaches that makes it easy to start meeting women day in and day out, until you can get almost any woman’s phone number and a date in just sixty seconds.


Janka Method

Name of Course: ​Janka Method – Approach Manual

Release Date: 2020

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