Jade Sultana – The Anti Affiliate Model

The Anti Affiliate Model is a play on word…anti cringe content, anti affiliate brands that never get traction, and anti dreams that never become reality..

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The Anti Affiliate Model is a play on word…anti cringe content, anti affiliate brands that never get traction, and anti dreams that never become reality.

You’re a beginner who’s brand NEW to the affiliate space (you won’t be a beginner for long

Or you’ve already started as an affiliate & you either aren’t aligned with your brand (feels ‘ick’ & spammy) and or, you aren’t seeing results.

You want to transform your dream of a limitless affiliate income that frees you from *mediocre* and launches you into ‘I didn’t know life could be this good’, into your REALITY.

You’re ready to receive the RIGHT powerful support, you’re ready to clear mental programming that’s not serving you and you’re ready to learn *everything* (think tech, content, branding and SO much more) you need to know & implement to create an affiliate brand that connects you to more money than you know what to do with…

What’s inside The Anti Affiliate Model?

The Anti Affiliate Model is the ONLY mentorship space in existence that supports affiliates to get rich, *without* the spammy, ‘get rich quick brand’.

There’s nothing else like it, and students in this space refer to it as a “non-negotiable” for all affiliates & she’s often told by students who’ve purchased other trainings that ‘they wish they’d found this first!’

If you’re ready to begin your journey, you *need* to start here.

Module 1 – The belief cleanse

We’ll set the scene for your DREAM life & affiliate business by clearing ALL of those beliefs.

You’ll be deeply immersed in my methodology as you start to feel powerful & clear as f*ck on how you’re going to get rich, *without* creating a spammy ‘get rich quick’ brand.

Module 2 – The anti affiliate brand build-out

The module with EVERYTHING you need to build a *magnetic* affiliate brand that frees you, forever.

You’ll learn the only two types of social media content you need to be creating

as an affiliate + the 2 brand assets you’ll need, to create effortless results and then of course….the tech you’ll need to pull it all together.

Module 3 – Building wealth as an affiliate

In this module you’ll become clear on what makes up a *hell yes* affiliate partnership & how to layer your way to consistent & scalable sales.

And while we’re at it, she’ll support you to reprogram your brain & elevate you to an *overflow* frequency.

Name of Course: Jade Sultana – The Anti Affiliate Model
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Release Date: 2023
File Size: 3.72 GB
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