Highstrike Trading School

Highstrike Trading School

Highstrike Trading School

Highstrike Trading School – The world’s #1 trading education platform used by thousands of traders worldwide

HighStrike Trading has educated thousands of students and represents one of the largest communities of both professional and hobby traders in the world. We have developed a world-class trading education platform used by thousands of traders across more than 150 countries, serviced by three dedicated and skilled instructors.

Highstrike trading strategies are broken down into 65 videos for a total of 10 hours of content. You can go through the course at your own pace, and as many times as you need for life.

Here is what’s included in the course:

  • Introduction & Getting Started
  • Module 1 – Setting Up for Success
  • Module 2 – The Technical Analysis Blueprint
  • Module 3 – The A-Z Options Roadmap
  • Module 4 – The Advanced Strategies Toolkit
  • Module 5 – Case Studies & Live Trade Library
  • Old Lesson Archive

Meet Your Instructors

  • Ben Zogby

Ben Z. will be your instructor through the 14 hours of course material. Ben has been trading for over 6 years now and is the initial founder of HST. He was able to quit his 9-5 job at the age of 24 to be a full time trader and life financially free.

  • Alex Viscusi

Alex is your day-to-day instructor in the group chat. Alex made the transition to being a full-time trader after having success with the HST team. He makes all of your daily videos based on his own analysis and trading plan, and is around to answer all of your questions in real-time.

  • Ben Chaffee

Ben C. is here for all your questions in the group chat and to provide his insights and expertise. Ben has had an extremely successful trading career since joining HST and is here to help you on your journey.

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