Grant Cardone University Review – Grant Cardone Course [2020 Updated]

Grant Cardone University is a flagship sales training course that is designed to take anyone, regardless of background/experience, and make them into a great salesperson.

It is one of the most expensive courses Grant offers.

First, let me just say I’m a big fan of Grant, but he’s not my one and only mentor in sales.

So, how does Cardone U compare to other sales training courses I’ve purchased?

When was I first introduced to uncle GC?

Grant Cardone has been instrumental in my journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur at the age of 25 with my local lead generation business.

He was absolutely a factor in the equation to hitting my first $10K per month in revenue.

Update: It’s 2020 and I’m at $50k/m. (btw we’re showing others how to build the same laptop business here).

One of my go-to resources was Grant Cardone’s book the 10X rule.

So many people recommended it to me, I had to check it out.

I had the audiobook version that I would listen to all the time and it really helped me stay motivated to work hard and hustle.

It was refreshing to hear someone being blunt and saying the truth.

Most people aren’t working hard enough.

So much personal development content is about mindset and visualization stuff.

That’s great and all, and has its place as well.

But thankfully, I learned from GC that nothing trumps taking massive action.

My business began to grow faster just by adopting the 10X mentality of doing more.

At that point, I needed to get better at closing business deals.

I invested in a bunch of other sales courses such as Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Persuasion, Dan Lok‘s Courses, and a few others.

I decided to invest in Cardone University shortly after.

How does Cardone U compare to reading his books and watching his free content on YouTube & social media?

I intend to cover all of these questions and more within this review, so read on…

Cardone University Outline

Cardone U is Grant’s mack daddy product.

It’s his highest ticket item and this is what his entire company’s marketing efforts ultimately want to get you to buy.

He sells this course to individuals as well as to companies and their entire sales teams.

It’s the self-proclaimed, best online sales training on the planet.

For good reason!

This course covers a lot.

From sales, handling objections, motivation, finances, all the way to goal setting, and webinars…

Plus, they have new content added on the reg.