Intro to Multi-family Apartment Investing- Grant Cardone

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​Intro to Multifamily Apartment Investing – Get over nine hours of Grant in his studio with this comprehensive course that delivers to you the EXACT strategies Grant has used to build a $1 Billion Real estate portfolio and how you also can become a successful Real Estate Investor.

You will Learn:

  • How to find the deals
  • How to buy the deals and what price to pay
  • How to get debt and approach banks and hard money lenders.
  • How to make sure your deal cash flows
  • How to Increase Cash Flow
  • How to Avoid the Mistakes of Investing
  • How to profit with 150% Returns and more
  • How to Raise Money for Your Deals
  • How to Contact Sellers and What to Say
  • How to Determine the Right Price to Pay for Your Deal
  • How to Force Appreciation to Ensure Profit

This program contains modules with exclusive commentary expounding on points he makes in his popular How to Create Wealth Investing in Real Estatebook along with visual whiteboard illustrations to show you exactly how all the numbers work. This is a great value and you’ll enjoy going through this comprehensive program!Course curriculum

Introduction to Investing in Real EstateChapter 1 – How I Got Started – My First MistakeChapter 2 – The Different Kinds of Real EstateChapter 3 – Why Apartments Are My Favorite Investment VehicleChapter 4 – The Three Ways to Invest in ApartmentsChapter 5 – Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in ApartmentsChapter 6 – Your First DealChapter 7 – Cash On CashChapter 8 – Where to Find DealsChapter 9 – Why I Created Cardone CapitalIn Closing


Name of Course: ​Intro to Multi-family Apartment Investing- Grant Cardone

Release Date: 2020

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