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The Facebook Group Project

​The Facebook Group Project is an online, step-by-step training program with six incredible modules showing you how to create, fill, and monetise your own Facebook Group. Gone are the days of complex marketing, long consult calls, and expensive advertising. Take advantage of Facebook’s heavy traffic, and build your brand with a FREE Facebook Group today!

Inside, we’ll walk you through setting up your group, creating stunning, world-class content, filling and ENGAGING your group members, and of course how to monetise your group… that way, you have every tool you need to get results without the guesswork.

With the strategies we share, you’ll have the knowledge to profit from your Facebook Group community fast.

Here’s What You’ll Get In The Facebook Group Project:

  • Your Facebook Group Set Up… Discover what type of Facebook Group you need in your business, and how to set it up securely without the tech-overwhelm. Avoid the 3 BIG MISTAKES pepole make when setting up a Facebook Group… and I’ll even uncover the hidden features Facebook has that NO ONE is using properly yet!
  • Creating Automated World-Class Content… How to create 30-days of content in just 30-minutes! Discover my TOP rules of engagement, so you know which content will get your members commenting from DAY #1!
  • BONUS: Done For You Post Toolkit… Swipe 100 of our most engaging, loved, and profitable posts of all time, so you can get a year’s worth of inspiration for your own group with these fill-in-the-blank templates.
  • Go Behind The Scenes on our Top 17 Filling Strategies to flood your group with loyal, raving fans for FREE… Swipe the exact scripts and strategies we used to generate tens of thousands of members without the guesswork.
  • How to ENGAGE your members, and LEAD your tribe… Discover the simple rules we implemented to make our group kind, respectful and well-behaved… PLUS, copy our top 8 ways to increase engagement in your own group too!
  • Step-by-step of how to raise up Group Champions, including how to choose them, equip them and manage them so THEY do the grunt work to create culture in your group (so you don’t have to!)
  • Think a Facebook Group is more WORK than it is PROFIT? Think again! In Module 5, we’ll walk you through how to fill-up your consult calendar with HOT qualified leads without the guesswork! Copy our subtle selling strategies to get new clients without feeling sleazy or salesy!
  • Leverage OTHER people’s Facebook Groups to add quick, $1,000+ sales to your list while you’re growing your own group!Show your market that you can help them by actually helping them. 

Meet Your Instructor

Grace Lever is the founder of & The Doing Academy, where she is devoted to empowering female entrepreneurs through a personal and professional philosophy centering on the simple concept of “doing.” Since founding & The Doing Academy, Grace has built a thriving community of successful lifestyle entrepreneurs who recognize the value of “getting stuff done together.”

Through her work at & The Doing Academy, Grace continues to provide a thriving community of more than 10,000 female entrepreneurs with all the tools necessary for building a profitable lifestyle business in a short period of time. After years living and working in Sydney, the respected business coaching and digital marketing expert now resides in the Adelaide Hills area while continuing to host workshops and seminars in support of the fast-growing community she founded at & The Doing Academy.

Proof – The Facebook Group Project

Name of Course: ​Grace Lever – The Facebook Group Project | Release Date: 2021

Sale Page: ​

Author Price: $1997| Our Price:$34.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

Contact us via email [email protected] if you want to pay with PayPal & Credit Card

Or click the button link below to pay with Crypto

You will get the download immediately after payment success !

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