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Get New Clients Academy

Get New Clients Academy – How To Get 48 ‘Discovery Calls’ Automatically Booked Into Your Calendar Each And Every Month From People With The The Money AND Motivation To Become A Paying Client Without having to post ANY free content on social media or direct message people on LinkedIn

In this online training, Andy shares how to get premium-paying clients. You will learn the proven ‘Get New Clients Now’ formula that I am using to generate a steady-stream of premium paying clients every single day, without having to post free organic content on social media. You’ll discover how to automatically qualify clients BEFORE you ever engage with them personally – so you never waste time with someone who is unlikely to buy.

What You’ll Learn Inside Get New Clients Academy

  • How to set up the marketing for your coaching, training or consulting business in a way that automatically generates high quality leads without having to do anything manually.
  • How to create a mini-presentation that you record just once that will do all the heavy lifting of moving your ideal client from stranger to client.
  • How to switch your business from just a one-to-one business model to a one-to-many so you can serve more people and make more money without adding ANY more hours.
  • And so much more….

Your Presenter:

Andy Harrington – Author of Sunday Times Best-Seller ‘Passion Into Profit’

I’m a leading authority in business growth, over the last two decades I’ve helped thousand’s of coaches, consultants, business owners and entrepreneurs from across the globe to grow their revenues. We help you attract premium-paying clients using a proven formula. For decades, I have done this traditionally through live events and recently moved all of my programs online. I have created an effective method of helping you to disqualify people quickly and cost effectively, so you stop spending any personal time with unqualified people, so you only invest your personal time with qualified prospects.

We help you generate a steady stream of premium-paying clients, fast. The quickest timeframe is 36 hours, from stranger to paying client. It willl take 12 weeks to build your client attraction system with our proven formula.

We do this without you having to leave your house, meet clients face-to-face or attend networking meetings. No more spending hours commenting on Facebook groups to find clients. You won’t have to write a book and become an ‘Amazon’ best seller or waste time talking to people who aren’t qualified. You won’t even have to put on free live events, write blog posts you know hardly anyone will read or produce daily content for social media.

Sale Page

Proof ​- Get New Clients Academy

Name of Course: Get New Clients Academy –  Andy Harrington

Release Date: 2021

Sale Page:

Author Price: $997

Our Price: $30.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

You will get the download immediately after payment success !

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