GeekOut Replay Barcelona 2018

GeekOut Replay Barcelona 2018

GeekOut Replay Barcelona 2018

GeekOut Replay Barcelona 2018 – Lean how to better advertise and make more sales from the top advertisers in the world like Tim Burd, Nick Shackelford, James van Elswyk and other million dollar spenders will teach you their best recent Tricks or actually their most recent tricks.

And they will do this only by showing you case studies and walking you through the techniques they use to crush online advertising.

This means 9 speakers showing stats, screenshots and tactics FROM THEIR AD ACCOUNTS, to teach you EXACTLY how they use these techniques.

They will also give you the EXACT FORMULA so you can copy and paste the methods into your ad accounts when you get back to your computer.

It’s rare that so many high level advertisers share the stuff we really want to hear about:e-commerce, scaling, lead generation, facebook, brand building and so much more!


James Van Elswyk – Media Buying expert and CEO/FOUNDER of Purple Leads

With a background in teaching sales people, as well as his own team, he started to share how he has built his team, how he optimizes and how he scales campaigns.

Tim Burd – Co – Founder Agency Y

Tim is best known for his intimate high-ticket masterminds, in which he reveals his most up-to-date tactics – techniques that help you test quickly and scale with a level of confidence you’ve never felt before. With his focus on helping people believe in themselves (an approach that he’s used to turn more than a few fans into millionaires), you can expect nothing less than valuable knowledge and a raw enthusiasm for media buying from Tim.

Nick Shackelford – Co-founder at

His expertise is in ecommerce, mainly consumer goods, but is currently leaning towards consumables as he has seen firsthand how that plays a huge role in raising LTV. He is also working with 7 figure dropshipping brands as well as established brands like Pupsocks, 5.11 Tactical, Qalo, diffeyewear and many more.

Dee Deng – Co-founder & Head Of Growth at Right Hook Digital

Dee Deng is the quintessential “Chinese parent’s worst nightmare” – dropping out of law school to enter a life of entrepreneurship instead. With a background in sales & creative production, performance marketing turned out to be the perfect intersection to leverage his skills and scale Right Hook’s clients.

Scott Seward – Co-Founder | Lead Strategist

Now a veteran in the eCommerce game – Scott has been in the industry for nearly a decade as a Digital Marketing Manager for multiple 7 & 8 Figure/year brands, also launched and scaled his own eCommerce brand to mid 6-figures/month in 90 Days. Scott has since launched Right Hook with cofounder Dee Deng, where in the space of a little over 12 months they’ve grown a 7-figure eCommerce growth agency by taking multiple brands and scaling them exponentially in 60-90 days.

Timothy Calwell – Entrepreneur

Tim grew his dropshipping store to 7-figures in under seven months with zero experience by immersing himself in the e-commerce world and taking massive action. He considers himself a lifestyle entrepreneur with a passion for systems and automation, travelling, and surfing.

Josh Elizetxe – Successful serial entrepreneur and investor

Aside from founding, growing, and advising 9-figure brands, Josh and his team have used the Internet to drive over $1 billion (USD) in retail sales. An old soul, his seasoned expertise lies in marketing strategy, influencer marketing at scale, and profitably scaling companies beyond 8-figures without ever raising outside capital. With no external investors, debt, or financing, Josh and his team lead a holding company that reaches millions of consumers every month and has garnered nearly 5 million social media followers. In addition to entrepreneurship, Josh is an active community leader and runs an on-campus summer program at Arizona State University for hundreds of economically disadvantaged, entrepreneurial high school students. He is also a founding board member of the Phoenix Coding Academy, a free public high school focused on teaching students 3D printing, programming, and the future of technology.

Anthony Sarandrea – An entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and philanthropist

He runs a profitable portfolio of websites ranging from commerce to content blogs that combined receive 10 million+ SEO uniques per month. One of his brands, SITEFLOOD, is an award-winning agency that works with select businesses to find the most efficient way to grow through analytics, paid search (PPS), SEO, and social media. Anthony is recognized as one of the top lead generators in the world, running a team that specializes in driving thousands of inbound phone calls daily across a number of verticals including health, finance, legal, and education.

Brandon Stewart – Ex-Facebook Direct Response

Brandon is an Ex-Facebook Direct Response – SME and Owner of Revline Digital LLC, a Data-driven marketing agency handling over 9 figures in ad spend in Facebook and Instagram, specializing in e-commerce and lead generation industries. Brandon and his team have participated in campaigns from $50 a day to $18 million in one day. Some may call him the WHEEL-FBGURU!

Maor Benaim – Leader in the online media industry

Maor Benaim a.k.a. The Wolf has been Totally Obsessed With Media Buying for the last 10 years, relentlessly perfecting each and every campaign he touches. He is proudly known for not letting any campaign go without converting. He now owns the wolf marketing as well as 7 other marketing powerhouse companies worldwide. 

Maor Shares His Authentic Media Buying Knowledge Combined with his Entrepreneurial skills to help businesses and his team to crack and maximize campaigns on every platform

Ben Opsahl – Copywriter who is part of the team that helped grow Advidi

Copywriter and eternal student of persuasion who is part of the team that helped grow Advidi into an industry-leading network that now generates 9 figures in revenue yearly. He has only one focus: produce the best damn copy possible.

Being on the ground floor at a top performance marketing network has allowed Ben to study campaigns across a huge variety of verticals… discover the secrets of long-term brand value… and explore the deepest, most mysterious corners of the direct response copyrighting world.​Proof

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