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Funnel Designer MasterClass 2020

Funnel Designer MasterClass 2020 – The in-depth, A to Z masterclass teaching you how to design better funnels that make more money

Table of Contents

1. DeploymentLearn the quickest and easiest method to get a new WordPress Website up and running. Also learn how to install the relevant tools like the site theme, page builder (Elementor), and more.

2. Design PrinciplesLearn design principles and standards you should employ when building out websites to ensure that every site you design is visually appealing and easy to use as possible. The goal is to create a beautiful & easy-to-follow clear path to conversion.

3. Layouts on ElementorLearn the interface specific in’s and out’s of Elementor and it’s layouts, by mastering sections, columns, spacing, and more. Also get an insider look at how you can use resources Elementor provides to speed up your design work-flow

4. Elementor Design MasteryBy learning all the specific design tools available in Elementor, you can learn to create any website that you can imagine on WordPress with ease. Mastery of these tools are what creates a ‘master of their craft’

5. Custom FontsLearn the easiest and simplest method to load a custom font into your WordPress site and start using it in Elementor as soon as possible!

6. Planning & Building for SuccessLearn my exact processes from start to finish that I use to build out 5 figure websites for clients that pay that I’m worth. These processes include specific techniques and strategies to ensure that you’ll be able to design world-class websites in HOURS, not weeks.

7. Creating Design MockupsEvery great design ALWAYS starts out with a mockup. Learn how I use a tool called Sketch to create breath-taking web designs that I then am able to transfer over and build out on WordPress with Elementor in a matter of hours.

8. Creating Better ImageryGraphics are some of the most important parts of the aesthetics of a website, and can make or break your design. Learn specific techniques and tricks I use to build beautiful world-class graphics like you see here in a matter of minutes.

9. My Tools & ResourcesYour tools can completely change a 5 hour website build into a 50 hour website build. By knowing the right tools & resources, you can significantly cut build times and design better-looking websites in hours, rather than days.

What You’ll Get Inside Funnel Designer MasterClass 2020:

  • 62+ Design Traning Videos
  • 1 Hour live Mockup Build
  • Access to Exclusive FB Group
  • WP Design Masterclass Portifolio Template
  • Bonus WP Sales Funnel Training

​Proof – Funnel Designer MasterClass 2020

Name of Course: ​Funnel Designer MasterClass 2020 – Neel Sarode

Release Date: 2020

Sale Page​:

Author Price: $497

Our Price: $21.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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