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Fundamentals Mastery Training

Fundamentals Mastery Training – Macro FX

Fundamentals Mastery Training – A to Z training on conducting fundamental analysis of currencies, and how to take advantage of mispricings.

The Complete Fundamental Analysis Mastery Training

Training to get you up to speed on how to conduct fundamental analysis, price currencies correctly, and form high probability trade ideas! We cover everything from the basics of fundamentals, to how central banks function, how money flows in times of economic fear and greed, and armed with this knowledge, how to capture fluctuating currency prices!

The training covers the basics of fundamental analysis such as how the market prices in news events, what affects each currency, global risk sentiment, how to analyze headlines, etc. The training then covers Central banks in detail and the three main trades to take advantage of Central Bank meetings. And lastly, the training offers insight into how to trade political events, find news, and craft high probability trades. Along with the video lessons, there are assessments and simulators to test and apply your knowledge!

What skills you take away from the Training:

  • How to Analyze Currencies Fundamentally

The training goes into detail about what to look for when looking at news headlines, how to analyze their worth, and determine its impact.

  • How to Form a Bias for a Currency

You will learn how to form a bias for a currency by analyzing fundamental themes, Central banks, etc and know when there is an opportunity to buy or sell!

  • How to Construct High Probability Trade Ideas

The training will go into detail about how to find which currency pairs to trade given the fundamental themes at the time, and how to ensure you are trading the highest probability setups

We created Macro FX for those who are serious about taking their trading to the next level and want to increase their edge and level of understanding of the FX market.

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Name of Course: Fundamentals Mastery Training – Macro FX | Release Date: 2021

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Author Price: $297 | Our Price:$25

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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