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Multi-Fractal Markets Advanced – Forexiapro

Who is Dylan Shilts?

Dylan is the founder of Forex Investors Alliance. Creator of the #SignatureTrade strategy and author of the book, “The Way Of The Superior Trader” .

Dylan has a great understanding of human psychology as the methodology of his strategy is based off understanding how to reverse engineer retail trading strategies and mindsets in order to see a greater representation of how the markets function.

What will I learn in Multi-Fractal Markets Advanced?

  • Thorough explanation of how the Forex Dealers create specific patterns to induce an emotional state of trauma into retail traders.
  • Important price action basics and advanced concepts, specially designed to read market sentiment and structure.
  • In-depth walkthrough of Market Manipulation tactics with real market data.
  • Entry and Exit strategies that will help you secure trades with practically ZERO drawdown.

Proof – Multi-Fractal Markets Advanced