Five Figure Flow 2021 by Taylor Slango

Five Figure Flow 2021

​Five Figure Flow 2021​ – 7 step-by-step training modules to walk you through the entire Five Figure Flow process. This is the happy intersection between profit and play #girlsjustwannahavefunds

SCARCITY MODE IS CANCELLED, MY FRIEND. It’s time for a surge of cash + clients instead.

You’re a go-getter kind of gal with the drive and motivation to prove it. Working hard? It’s always come easy to you.

But if hustling led to sales, you’d basically be a millionaire by now.

You’re starting to think all those girls on Instagram are lying about the launches they claim fund their luxe shopping trips and lounging by the poolside in Greece. Meanwhile you’re grinding away at your laptop begging for just one tiny piece of what they’ve got.

You’ve tried putting out your own programs before, but really, you’re just flying by the seat of your pants. Your best strategy? Reverse engineering what you see other coaches doing… but that hasn’t brought you the flood of sales you thought it would.

It’s time to stop wasting your time and energy on DIY launches that flop, fail and fizzle out. You’re soooooo much better than that.

Launching is GAME CHANGING for entrepreneurs… but only if you do it right. Five Figure Flow 2021

Winging it is for eyeliner, babe. Not for launching.

It’s time to save that money, time and energy by planning ahead, launching strategically, and learning from a mentor who has never launched anything that’s done less than 5-figures before (#hithatsme).

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  • 01 – Launching is what allowed me to leave my healthy full-time salary in my rearview mirror, because it created enough monthly recurring revenue that it actually replaced my day job income. Most entrepreneurs are afraid to take the leap because they don’t know where the next client is gonna come from, right? Launching nips that problem right in the bud. #sorryboss
  • 02 – Launching is what allows me to travel without feeling like the world is ending when I take time off, because when launching is a core part of your business model and sales strategy, gone are the days where you trade time for money.
  • 03 – Launching is what allows me to help serve better, because now I can reach more people, touch more lives and make more money in the process.
  • 04 – Launching is what allowed me to pay off my credit cards. That’s a whole lotta interest back in my pocket every month.
  • 05 – Launching is what allowed me to invest in coaches and mentors to help me level up even further than I could go on my own. Even the most respected coaches were within my reach when I hit multiple 5-figures a month.

Inside Five Figure Flow 2021, you’ll receive everything you need to create, plan and execute your first 5-figure launch.

  • Prep your mindset for a major cash injection
  • Create your profitable offer to launch
  • Strategize your launch to sell
  • Prepare your audience to throw money at you
  • Take your leads from cold to sold
  • Execute your profitable launch
  • Six Figure Funnels & Launching Evergreen

Get immediately download Taylor Slango – Five Figure Flow 2021

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