Kevin David – Amazon FBA Ninja Review 2020, Great Course?

FBA Ninja Review – Kevin David

Is the Amazon FBA Zon Ninja Course all it's made out to be?

This painstakingly detailed review, just updated in August 2020, was written by a person who is actually successful in the Amazon FBA business model.  

Why should you read my review?

Two reasons: 

  1. I am an actual Amazon FBA Seller having created and sold three different brands on Bezo's platform.
  2. I have actually gone through Kevin's course (as evidenced by the details below).

Since Kevin initially made the full course in the summer of 2017, how does the course compare to those made in 2020? Does the FBA Ninja (aka the Zon Ninja Course) stand the test of time? Should you invest in Kevin's course or Tanner J Fox's?

I'll go over this course, sharing both its pros and cons, explaining where I see it is still current and where it needs to be refreshed.

Additionally, can people still be successful using the FBA biz model this year? If so, how?

I've had my fair share of success with FBA, but NOTE: lead generation is still my main squeeze:

Near the end of the article, I'll cover what makes FBA challenging, and how you can overcome those challenges.

Amazon FBA Zon Ninja  - Kevin David - THATLifestyleNinja

Introduction to Kevin David

Kevin grew up on the west coast in Eugene, Oregon. He started playing soccer at a young age and the lessons of hard work, technique and perseverance became ingrained in him. 

When he was 14 years old, he started selling baseball cards and candy bars, revealing to him his destiny to become a successful entrepreneur. 

Kevin has gone through many different jobs from accounting to creating gaming apps, to simply writing blog articles. It was here that Kevin got the education he needed to make money via the Amazon Affiliate Program and Google Ads. And while he accumulated pieces of success here and there, the majority of success was still ahead of him. 

After graduating college and achieving a highly-sought after accounting position, he soon left to work at FaceBook, where he discovered the Amazon FBA opportunity after a long day in the office. 30 days later, he launched his first product onto the biggest eCommerce platform in the world. 

Amazon FBA Ninja Course Breakdown

Module 1: Laying the Foundation: Business Licensing and Initial Product Selection

The course starts with Kevin advising you to get an LLC, discussing characteristics of excellent FBA products, and introducing tools that aid your home-run item search. 

  • Acquiring an LLC quickly and inexpensively
  • Making more sales by going against the grain
  • Practicing the ITRACK 999 Cart Method
  • Finding horizontally related products using Jungle Scout
  • Watch Kevin do a Complete Walkthrough of Product Selection Process

Kevin gives snapshots of a lot of things that you need to be familiar with when choosing your product (that a lot of tools merely operate on algorithmic predictions, how to know level of sales for sure, etc.)

While explaining basic tools like Jungle Scout, Kevin provides unique suggestions like out-optimizing AmazonBasic by creating unique bundles of best selling products and suggesting that it is a good (profitable) practice to compete against Amazon as a seller. 

I found the three parts of this introductory module to be a bit scatter-shot, but within the larger context of the course it does make sense. The teaching technique of telling a lot of different aspects and then leaving it to the student to assemble the coherent, bigger picture is the instructional method that Kevin employs throughout the whole course. 

PS: don't worry, you won't have to do a quiz or a tiny test (known as a "quizlet") at the end. 

Module 2: Examining Product Codes, Selecting a Supplier and Ordering First Shipment

In this module, Kevin explains the difference between UPCs and FNSKUs, vital considerations when picking a manufacturer, and the set up process of your shipment in Seller Central.

if you are ordering your products from eden prairie or st cloud mn, you won't have to worry about alibaba. But if you are getting your items made in china, alibaba's a good place to start your search.

Kevin has divided this module into three parts.

Part 1: Barcodes and Initiating Communication with Alibaba Suppliers 

Amazon requires a unique barcode type that cannot be supplemented by a universal product code (UPC). Kevin explains that Amazon's barcode type are called FNSKUs (which can be generated in Seller Central after inputting your UPC).

Knowledgeable, Kevin provides a brief overview of Amazon's potential GS1 requirements, (currently only "recommended") and also shares where he acquires UPC codes at a fraction of the price listed by GS1. 

Having trained multiple VAs to log in and start the conversation with Alibaba Suppliers, Kevin has included pdfs with two different templates for beginning communication with overseas suppliers via Jack Ma's platform,  However, he himself takes care of finalizing the arrangements.

The conversations at the beginning of merchant-supplier relationships are pretty standard (exchanging information), so I support Kevin's decision to outsource that part of the process. 

Part 2: Using Alibaba to Find Suppliers, Bargaining MOQs below 500 units, and Establishing Shipping Process from Manufacturer to Amazon's Warehouse

1. First, Kevin shows how to use the filters on to find high-quality suppliers, explaining what each filter does and what a manufacturer has to do to qualify to be included in each filter. 

2. Second, he goes through the difference between ordering the minimum order quantity (MOQ) of a product to the discounted rate often given when exponentially more product units are bought.

Then he shows how to use this price difference to negotiate with the supplier for reduced rates on the first order. He also includes a template for correspondence with the supplier to make sure that new sellers are including all the necessary information. 

3. Third, he shows how to set up a shipment to go straight from an overseas supplier to Amazon's FBA Warehouse in seller central.

One of his tips is to choose FOB over EXW (two different kinds of shipping), because FOB, while more expensive in the short run, makes sure that the supplier is liable for damages during the shipping process, while EXW retains that the merchant is responsible for any damages occurring outside the warehouse. 

Part 3: Having an inspection Performed the Right Way

In this last video of Module 2, Kevin explains why it is important to have a third party inspect the shipment before it leaves the producer's warehouse.

Additionally, he tells you how to customize the inspection based on your product (electrical products require different specifications than kitchen utensils) and how much you should expect to pay for that vital final inspection. 

While Kevin does do a great job at showing how to evaluate online suppliers, he doesn't talk about unearthing unique product manufacturers from hard to find places. 

If you use a common supplier, it's a guarantee that your product will be copied much sooner than if you search out a supplier who is not available to everyone on the internet. 


  • Are there mom-and-pop shops near you that make uncommon items? 
  • Have you attended conventions or visited far-away places (like when you go on vacation)?

Key Takeaway on Business Mindset

As an Amazon business owner, you need to always be eager to find your next product, scrutinizing the producers and stores around you for their potential offerings.

Read In-Depth Review of Module 2 Here

Module 3: Registering Your Brand, Setting Your Regular Price and Formatting Your Listing

Kevin's third module has three parts.

Module Outline:

Part 1: Brand Registry and Setting Your Canonical URL

Kevin discusses the benefits Amazon gives to those who are brand registered (different kinds of advertising available to registered brands).

(To find out more about registering your brand in 2020, check out this complete guide.)

Part 2: Formatting Both the Front end and the Back End of Your Listing the Right Way

  • Increasing Organic Sales by 197% by Indexing Related Keywords
  • Building Organic Keyword Rank as Fast as Greased Lightning
  • Making Amazing Videos that Appear on Your Listing (and stand out from your competition)
  • Complete Walkthrough of Creating an Optimized Listing from Scratch

Part 3: Dealing with Hijackers and Selling Out of Stock

  • Throwing Hijackers Off of Your Listing (and getting control of your buy box again)
  • Stocking out while also Dealing with a Hijacker (Kevin's tips)
  • Recover Your Former Ranking after Your New Stock Arrives

In this module, Kevin teaches:

  • How to 10X Your Listing using Hypnotic Copy
  • Adding Product Upsells to Your Checkout Page
  • Avoiding Mistakes with Enhanced Brand Content
  • Removing Listing Hijackers in a Heartbeat

One of the main tactics that a hijacker will employ to gain control of your listing is grabbing the buy box right from under your nose by using black hat methods to boost their BSR.

Kevin will cover VAs later on in the module, but I wanted to include this aside here, because it has to do with hijackers.

 I have taught several of my VAs the signs of a hijacked listing so that they can inspect my product listings periodically to affirm that they are in good standing. 

An Additional Resource on Removing Hackers:

Module 4: Launching Your Product: Using Giveaways and AMS

In this module, Kevin offers tips on how to catapult your product into the marketplace, gathering vital initial customer 5 star reviews without violating Amazon's TOS, and pricing your product in a way to ensure maximum profits.

Kevin's training topics include:

  • Mistakes to Avoid When Running Product Giveaways (making sure your coupons are set up the right way to avoid giving away your entire inventory)
  • The Ginormous Gap between $19.99 and 20.00 dollars. 
  • Pricing Tools to Make Sure your Pricing is Scoped in
  • Advertising Your Product Among the Top 100 Best Sellers (to rocket your traffic to new heights)
  • Collecting Customer Emails and Standing Out from the Competition Using Ebooks 

One of the services that Kevin emphasises throughout the third module is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS).

Here's another place where I agree with Kevin.

Kevin and I both support spending (investing) the funds in signing up for AMS because of the wide variety of promotional opportunities are afforded you when you open that door.

The most sales don't go to the defensive but to those who garner the most attention.  

To learn more about the opportunities of Amazon Marketing Services, read the in-depth review.

Module 5: Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Module 5 is the shortest module, but it covers a factor that largely determines your rankings: Reviews.

In the three videos in this module, Kevin covers three aspects of Amazon Reviews. 

1. Using an Email Follow-up Service Can Give You two-thirds more reviews. 

2. Understanding Amazon's Terms of Service relating to Reviews and Promotions

3. Engaging FB Review Groups the Right Way to Increase Product Reviews

  • The Importance of a Curiosity-Invoking Subject Line
  • Using Proven Greetings to Convince Customer to Leave a Review
  • Setting Expectations and Your Target Open Rate (It's higher than you think)
  • How Compensation Cannot be Given in Direct Exchange for a Positive Review
  • Understanding the Difference between Verified and Unverified Reviews
  • Adjusting the Structure of Your Campaigns to Encourage Review Writing

For more details on how to get more product reviews on your Amazon listings, consider this article.

Module 6: Everything AMS and PPC

This is probably the meatiest module in the course.

It has two parts. 

Part 1The Bones of AMS as well as the Benefits of Using a Credit Card for PPC 

Kevin covers Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) in detail, showcasing three different kinds of promotions that can be deployed to accomplish different kinds of offensive objectives. 

He also explains how he got airline reward points for simply spending his ppc campaign budget (he flew to Brazil practically for free). 

Part 2: Kevin's PPC Cheatsheet Walkthrough and Campaign Optimization Process

 The three different campaign types are below:

  • Broad Match Campaign (synonyms can bring up your ad)
  • Phrase Match Campaign (term in phrase brings up ad)
  • Exact Match Campaign (best for when you know what is working)

The real richness of this module is found in the walk-throughs and screencast keyword processes shown by Kevin. These step-by-step sequences ingrain the ppc optimization process in your mind, so that when you are researching your own products' terms, you already know what you're doing, even if you're still a newbie.

Additional hacks that Kevin reveals in the sixth module:

  • Setting Your PPC to Automatically Outbid Your Customers by 1 cent
  • Using AMS Headline Ads to Autofill Textbox to Populate Home Run PPC Campaign
  • Prospecting Common Misspellings and Making them in to Exact Match Campaigns for Extra Sales
  • Getting paid to Sell Your Own Product

If you are interested in more PPC Optimization strategies, feel free to read the detailed review by clicking the green button below or check out the Private Label Masters 7th Module here.

Module 7: Instagram Influencer Marketing and FB Targeting Walkthrough

1. In the first part of this module, Kevin lays out the process to selecting an awesome influencer for your product, timing the promotion perfectly, and blowing your sales up to the moon and back. 

Kevin covers:

  • The Number of Follows/Likes the Ideal Influencer has
  • The Average Price of Influencer Promotions
  • Tracking Your insta influencer campaign
  • The Contents of Your Due Diligence List
  • Understanding the Short and Long Term Benefits of these Promotions

2. In the second part, Kevin goes in-depth on creating a Facebook look-a-like audience of your Amazon customers using an external data service.

Additionally, Kevin shows how to create highly-targeted FB groups, which are long term advertising opportunities. 

You Will Learn the Following:

  • Kevin's recommended Amazon-data Extraction Service
  • The Value of a Facebook Group over a Facebook Page
  • Kevin's Audience Insights Tactics
  • Using FB Advertising to Drive Traffic directly to an Amazon Product Page the Right Way
  • Employing Click Funnels to Explode Amazon Sales and Collect Customer Emails
  •  Other Marketing Resources that have Assisted Kevin
  • Adding an FB Messenger Autoresponder that Links to Your Online Resources Automatically

Creating a facebook group is a strategy that is unique to Kevin's FBA course, although Sophie Howard (known as "the Amazon Selling Queen") shares tips that are similar during the market research section of her course

To find more details of Kevin's uncommon audience building tactics, take a look at the in-depth review of Module 7 by tapping the green button below.

Module 8: Hacks to Bulletproof Your Amazon FBA Business

In this module, Kevin discusses tactics to improve the efficiency of your machine: from the structure of your business to the organic rankings of your struggling listings. 

Covered in this lesson:

  • Talking to Seller Support (Contacting the Most Helpful Call Center)
  • Getting FREE Headline Ads while Boosting Organic Rankings
  • Tweeting a Specific Version of Products' URL to improve Rank'
  • Finding Reviewers Even When They Use an Alias
  • Armoring Your Account Against Hijackers
  • Removing Negative Seller Feedback (The Fast and Easy Way)
  • Opening Multiple Seller Accounts to Mitigate Suspension Effects
  • Attracting Writers to Blog about Your Product Listings (Free Attention)
  • Cross Listing ALL of Your Products to eBay in 5 minutes
  • Retrieving $1000's that Amazon Owes You

This module builds on topics that are covered in previous modules. Most of Kevin's content is providing tips and tricks (or "hacks" as he calls them) to optimize a lot of the processes in your biz. 

What was most helpful to me was Kevin's training on returning an account to full working order after a suspension. He provides not only a brief walkthrough of the process, but also a brief but meaty letter written by a copyright infringement lawyer that would have saved me a lot of hassles had I had it when I started my FBA journey. 

Another part of Kevin's module that helped me was his information on getting Amazon to reimburse you for the sizeable percentage of products that they lose or break at their FBA warehouse. I never had to worry about losing inventory in my lead gen business.