How to pay?

In an effort to give our customers as many payment options as possible and to keep pace with the latest technologies we are pleased to announce that we now accept crypto currency as payment at

More specifically, we are now set up to take crypto payments for all products on our site in the following currencies:

  • BTC: Bitcoin
  • BNB: Binance
  • ETH: Ethereum
  • LTC: Litecoin
  • DGE: Dogecoin
  • DAI
  • And much more….

How to pay with crypto currencies:

  • Add items to your shopping cart
  • Select checkout
  • Select Crypto Pay or Nowpayment (Pay via your wallet – Instant Payment)

We also accept payment with PayPalCredit/Debit Card. Please kindly contact us via live chat/email to get the payment link.

Why these courses are so cheap?

We join a Groupbuy community on discord with 1000+ members so we can buy courses with good price. For example, one course cost $1000, so we will need 25 participants and $40/ participant to get the course from the seller. That’s why the course is so cheap here and you also can afford it.

How the course will be delivered?

The download link for the course is already attached in the purchase confirmation that you will receive right after making the payment – Instant Download. In other case, our supporters will send it to your email.

How to download the course from Mega?

In case, the total size of the course is big (> 15GB) and you do not have a premium account on Mega, you will be asked for paying extra fee to download the course.

However, don’t worry, we recommend you to use JDownloader – this tool is totally free and user-friendly.

What is your refund policy?

You should check the mega link right after receiving it. Please get in touch with us immediately if there is any problems.

We will send you a full refund if you don’t get the right course as described on our website and we can’t solve the problem in the following 24 hours.

In some cases, if you contact us late (exceed 24 hours), we deny to refund, as you know, this is digital products, we cannot take it back.

Can I request a course?

Yes. You can send us a message on live chat, discord or email. We will find if this course is available on our course library or our group buy. We will try to get it if possible and let you know soon.

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