Facebook Ads For 2021 (And Beyond) – Rudy Mawer

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Facebook Ads For 2021

Facebook Ads For 2021 (And Beyond) – Rudy Mawer

Facebook Ads For 2021 (And Beyond) – Build cold traffic Facebook Ads you can scale without blowing your budget even if you’ve never created or scaled a Facebook Ad before.

Introducing: The Facebook Strategy That Does More Than Builds Ads…It Scales Them

On Friday, May 7th, Facebook ads expert Rudy Mawer will teach you his RIO framework for creating a “Ridiculously Irresistible Offer, and his step-by-step methods for turning a winning ad into a full-fledged lead-generating campaign.

By the age of 26, Rudy Mawer built his first multi-million dollar business with Facebook ads. Years later, Rudy has applied his funnel and marketing strategy knowledge to scale his own low and high ticket offers to 7 figures in just 12 months.

And now, Rudy wants to share all of his Facebook ad secrets with you!

After this brand new, live workshop, you’ll know how to set up, launch, analyze, and optimize your Facebook ads to a cold traffic audience.

What’s Inside Facebook Ads For 2021

Acquire New Customers with the Perfect Offer, Hook & Creative

  • Swipe copy frameworks that clarify exactly what you’re selling (HINT: It’s not your product), from eCommerce to high ticket offers & everything in between
  • Create super-effective, emotion-driven hooks that stop the scroll by tapping into the nuanced desires of your core audience
  • Leverage eye-catching images, professional-looking videos, and user-generated content that perfectly supports your ad copy
  • Get Rudy’s “RIO Framework” for crafting a ridiculously irresistible offer that solves the problems keeping your prospects awake at night

Set Up Slam Dunk Facebook Campaigns That Get Leads

  • Discover the 7 avoidable mistakes that kill a great Facebook ad before it ever has the chance to be seen by your audience
  • Learn what CPC, CTR, ROAS, and AOV have to do with the success of your ads (Not sure what those acronyms mean? Then you definitely need to be here!)
  • Stay compliant with the platform’s rules so that you don’t have to keep going back to the drawing board (or face Zuck’s “Ban Hammer”)
  • Ensure your business can withstand the iOS 14 update with expert tips for surviving Facebook’s “Great Retargeting Scare”

Accurately Predict Which of Your Ads to Scale (& Which to Cut)

  • Perform your ad’s “Health Check” and calculate critical data points that tell you if your Facebook ad is a success (or a dud)
  • Kick Ad Fatigue to the curb with Rudy’s “Yellow Box” method for easily identifying new ad angles
  • Turn a winning ad into a full campaign with Rudy’s step-by-step guide for creating variations of your best ads
  • Uncover 6 surefire signs that your ad is ready to be scaled (in some cases up to 10k/day) without compromising profitability

Your Instructor

Rudy Mawer is the CEO of ROI Machines, a marketing firm that services large brands, Olympians, celebs, and entrepreneurs. He’s also a serial investor and CEO to multiple brands and over 200 staff with his partners Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr through their investment group Retail Ecommerce Ventures (REV).

By the age of 26, Rudy built his first multi-million dollar business with Facebook ads by applying Digital Marketer courses, podcasts, and attending Traffic & Conversion Summit. Since then, he’s gone on to become one of the world’s leading experts on ads, funnels, and marketing strategy.

Facebook Ads For 2021 (And Beyond) – Rudy Mawer

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