EcomCrew Course Bundle

EcomCrew Course Bundle

​EcomCrew Course Bundle – Two courses for the price of one. Instead of paying separately for two courses at full price, you get access to the entire Build a 7 Figure Product Brand AND Import From China Like a Pro Courses at the same time.

Mentorship from Two Multi-Million Dollar Sellers

How often has your great business idea been stopped dead in its tracks because of one question you didn’t know the answer to? Mike and Dave will make sure that never happens again by providing unlimited 1 on 1 access to help answer any questions you might have.

Have you already tried launching your first products but failed?

If you’ve already tried launching products on Amazon or your Shopify store but failed then the chances are good that you were selling the same me too products as everyone else.

In our 7 Figure Brand Building course we’ll teach you how to easily build a defensible brand that’s different than the rest of the competition. We’ll give you are step by step process that we’ve used on multiple brands and hundreds of products that you can apply to your own brand.

Have you imported from China before but had too many problems?

Importing from China is easy. Importing well from China is hard. In our Importing from China course we’ll teach how you to import like the pros. We’ll teach you the secrets to negotiating with suppliers for the lowest prices without sacrificing quality.

Most of all, we’ll show you how to have your orders pushed to the front of the line and expedite shipping without paying a fortune for expensive air shipping.

What You Will Learn Inside EcomCrew Course Bundle

Product Niche Brand – Build A 7 Figure Product Brand
  • How to find a niche
  • How to find and differentiate products
  • How to keep your products profitable
  • How to validate your products
  • Real world examples of products and niches
  • 5 easy differentiation techniques
  • Step by step guide to perfect 5 Star packaging
  • Unlimited email access to Mike & Dave
  • Vetted vendors list
  • Behind the scenes view of our brands
  • 15+ Videos
  • 70 page + Product Brand eBook
  • Free MyEcomCrew Access
Importing From China – Import From China Like A Pro
  • The secrets to getting low MOQs
  • How to ship your products cheaper & quicker than your competition
  • Where to find Suppliers outside of Alibaba
  • 5 negotiation hacks to get the lowest prices
  • Vetted vendors list
  • Tested strategies to avoid defective products
  • Unlimited email access to Mike & Dave
  • Behind the scenes view of our brands
  • 15+ Videos
  • 70 page + Product Brand eBook
  • Free MyEcomCrew Access


Name of Course: ​EcomCrew Course Bundle

Release Date: 2020

Sale Page​:

Author Price: $​497

Our Price: $​31.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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