eCom Elites Review

eCom Elites Review

eCom Elites Course Overview

Introduction to Franklin

Franklin Hatchett is yet another successful dropshipping guru who made it big online and then developed a course. He's made his money in online businesses and it all started with...

Yes, you guessed it: the dropshipping method. 

Franklin started out making websites, ranking them and making some money off the advertising on the sites. He made some money, but it wasn't enough for the laptop lifestyle he wanted.

So he tried affiliate marketing, where he earned a commission on selling other people's products. This worked great until the affiliate company closed down. Back to square one.

Along came dropshipping, which he ran with Facebook ads (similar to Jared Goetz), and BOOM! Success.

Well, not immediate success. As Franklin warns, it comes with time, dedication and hard work...

Success doesn't just happen overnight. According to Franklin, the 3 steps to success are: 

1. Stop watching television

2. Stop blaming others and

3. Start taking action.

An interesting philosophy. And one that a lot of people are following, judging by his YouTube channel, which has over 174k subscribers... Let’s see if it works!

What to Expect in this Course

eCom Hacks, is a course presented by Franklin Hatchett. Franklin has a no-nonsense, get-to-the-point tuition style. The great thing about this course is that he shows you real examples instead of just telling you what to do.

Franklin has been in the drop shipping game since way back in 2009, and is one of the authorities on this business method.

According to Franklin, drop shipping started way back in 2004 already with a site called (can you believe it?). This is why he assures students that drop shipping isn't just a trend, but something that has been around a while and will continue to do so. 

But before we get into the details of the course:

I’d like to mention that I am an actual drop-shipper that’s made a few 6 figure Shopify stores to date. I have the necessary real-work experience to properly assess these courses.

I even took a Shark Onesie store to $48K in 1 month. You can read more about how I did it here.

Getting 6 figure stores didn’t come easy. I definitely shed some blood, sweat and tears to figure out this dropship thing. Success doesn't happen overnight - it takes time.

Believe that.

That said, let's get to what you can expect from eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett.

  • Franklin goes into great detail on how to set up a successful Shopify store. He covers just about every aspect from the ground-up. He covers the following (and more):
  • Where and how to source products 
  • How to do product research to find "hot" items
  • The optimal way to set up your Shopify store from beginning  to end
  • Launching a Facebook advertising campaign and how to tweak it (very comprehensive)
  • How to get organic Google traffic (some great SEO tips!)
  • Email marketing
  • Business and sales basics and tips
  • And a lot of bonus video content, covering different methods and themes relating to your e-commerce store
  • The course includes 34 hours and 32 minutes worth of videos. It's a very comprehensive course and will take a while to work through and implement. 
  •  Franklin does offer a full 30 day money back guarantee for eCom Elites. Make sure to refer to his Refund Policy, as it is quite clear what you need to do in order to qualify for the refund. This includes things like watching at least 50% of the eCom Elites training, running a FB Ad and having a complete store up and running.

The eCom Elites Course Breakdow

The course starts off with an eCom Elites Members Welcome Video, presented by Franklin Hatchett. He quickly tells you who he is and where he comes from (He's a Kiwi). Then he goes on to tell you why the eCom Elites course is different - and different it is!

Franklin assures you that he believes in value for money and that you will get your money's worth (and more) out of the course. I feel we're off to a good start.

Module 00 - eCom Introduction

Franklin starts with a bold statement: “Welcome to the best damn money-making course online”. Considering that other courses can cost up to 10 times more, how will this course compare with some of the others out there?

Franklin makes it clear that this course is for people who are just starting out on their e-commerce journey, so more seasoned veterans of drop shipping might find a lot of the content irrelevant. 

For beginners however, this is a great introduction to what drop shipping is.

This Module is nothing more than an introduction to drop shipping. Chances are that if you decided to follow this business model, you already know the basics of what it's about. Franklin doesn't share what is to be expected of the course, but instead tells you not to have unrealistic expectations and expect to be a millionaire anytime soon. 

Module 01 - Sourcing Products And Research

You might think that over 4 and a half hours spent on Products and Research is a bit overkill, but it's not. Franklin really shares some great tips on how to find hot products. The reason why the module is so long, is because he shows you different methods with actual practical examples.

Franklin also deserves some credit for showing actual, real-time examples of finding products on the different apps and sites that he uses. He doesn't just tell you where to go and what to do, but actually shows you. Great job!

Sadly, we can't give you names of the websites and software tools he uses, but this module is certainly worth going through in order to see what Franklin uses to do research. Some of these have not been featured on other courses, so it is certainly stellar advice!

Module 02 - Setting Up Your Shopify Store

This module is essential learning for Shopify novices. For those who have been through the process of setting up their own store before, most of the store setup information can be skipped. It's pretty standard and Franklin doesn't make any earth-shattering Shopify Setup revelations. 

  • Franklin covers the step by step process of setting up your new Shopify store
  • Setting up payment and shipping options 
  • Which apps to use on your site
  • Setting up things like emails, product automation, abandoned cart emails, and store funnels

Module 03 & 04 - Facebook

In Modules 3 & 4, Franklin goes into great detail on how to use Facebook to generate sales. It is the longest two modules in the course, with over 10 hours worth of content and probably the most important modules in the course. 

Franklin shows you the methods he has successfully employed where it comes to Facebook marketing. He covers:

  • How to set up Facebook Advert Accounts 
  • Different advertising methods to use
  • How to build up your audience through targeting 
  • The Facebook Pixel and how to set it up 
  • Create different types of FB ads and how to split-test them
  • How to read your campaign data, and how to re-target if necessary
  • Scaling your campaigns
  • The correct way to do bidding. He also offers some added extras such as data mining, using the power editor and other tips on Facebook optimization

Once again Franklin takes the time to explain and show you exactly what to do via hands-on practical examples. This module takes time to work through and even longer to implement, but it is well worth it. I have yet to come across another course that offers this amount of detail about Facebook Ads.

Franklin is a little conservative in his approach, so those who have done FB marketing before, won't learn anything new.

Module 05 - Instagram Traffic

This is an added bonus. Many of the so-called Shopify gurus will mention Instagram, but won't go into any detail to show you how it's actually done. Franklin however, is one of the exceptions. In this module, he shows you how to:

  • Use Instagram for traffic
  • Finding the right Influencers at the right price 
  • Run Instagram ads the right way, and
  • How to schedule posts to keep people engaged

Module 06 - Organic Google Traffic (SEO)

Talk about topics that other courses don't cover! This module is a pure gem! Other courses will tell you how to optimize your Shopify store in terms of content and ease of use, but no one covers how to get additional traffic to your site that doesn't come from your FB or Instagram ads.

In this Module, Franklin shows you how to create and drive organic (free) traffic to your store. This is a great introduction to organic Google traffic, but it falls a little short on the details. This is a topic that warrants it's own course and not just a quick 8 video, 90 minute module. There are lots of finer aspects that influence the Google Algorithm that aren't covered, but (white) hats off to Franklin for including it in the course.  

If you really want to know how to drive FREE organic traffic from Google itself, then you should seriously consider my number one online business model choice. Click here for more info...

Module 07 - Email Marketing

In this module Franklin shows you how to get more sales using email marketing. You learn how to: 

  • Design a landing page 
  • Create a Shopify store list and lead generation list
  • Set your email marketing on autopilot 
  • Generate a lead magnet and get leads with Facebook ads and coupons, 
  • Use Franklin's "Product Launch Formula"

Franklin shares great insider info that has worked for him in the past and warns you of the pitfalls associated with email marketing.

Module 08 - Business And Sales

Franklin gives a few tips on how to run a successful business and shows you some of the things he has learnt, such as how to:

  • Increase your sales
  • Upscale, specifically using virtual assistants
  • and the importance of having business goals. 

As a New Zealander, Franklin discusses his take on business issues and taxes in New Zealand. The principles are more or less the same across the world, but to make sure that you do not get into trouble as a business owner, it is advised to speak to an accountant to get clarity on the taxes you should pay. Video 3, Business 101, is thus a worthy addition to the course (most other courses don't even mention taxes) albeit form a NZ point-of-view.

Module 09 - Top Secret Videos

In Module 9, Franklin shares great bonus videos dealing with a range of methods to improve your sales. They include:

  • Warranties - use them to increase sales and trust
  • Coupons - use them to increase your sales
  • Review websites - use them as leverage over your competition 
  • How to build huge fan pages and a huge email list, and 
  • Spying on your competition on Facebook. 

Apart from the other methods Franklin has introduced in the course, he shows you these bonus methods to employ as well. There are some really great tips in here, such as using warranties and building fan pages, that will give you the edge over other Shopify start-ups.

Module 10 - Update Module Ongoing Videos

This is a great module from Franklin. Although most of the course videos were made in 2017, Franklin made provision for the fact that things do change, hence this module. (He has also subsequently released an updated 2019 version).

Because Facebook continually updates and improves, it only makes sense that your Facebook campaigns should also adapt and evolve.

This module then deals with updated videos explaining new methods to be used. As a member, you will always have access to these updates as they happen. This is a great added bonus, as many courses give you the course content, but you find it extremely difficult to find relevant, updated info on changes to Facebook, Shopify, Google, Instagram etc. 

The great thing about this module is that members will constantly get updated content based on the latest trends and methods.

Module 11 - Video Request

This is another great addition to the course. Franklin stresses that he is here to help, so if you are stuck on something, or something wasn't clear enough in the course, then you can request a new video that deals with your issue. Some of the videos covered already include things like: 

  • Using multiple FB accounts,
  • Shopify and Adwords, 
  • Doing custom conversions, and what to do with a PPE after conversion 
  • Tips on ad copy and more.

This is a nice touch for members and a really invaluable resource for new Shopify students to tap into. Franklin really goes out of his way (and succeeds!) in adding additional content so that his students can get their money's worth. 

Module 12 - Weekly Videos

The weekly videos module basically deals with Q&A sessions. Franklin answers questions that have been asked by students on a wide range of topics that cover things such as being banned from FB Adwords, to spying on Flippa sites.

The video quality on these videos are not to the same standard as set by the rest of the course, but they still offer some useful bits of advice. Looking for specific information related to your issue, might be a waste of time though and these videos should be seen as supplementary. It gives added insight into some of the problems encountered by students of the course.

Before I offer my take on the course as a whole, here are some Frequently Asked Questions that I've come across.

FAQ's about eCom Elites

Will you be a successful dropshipper after completing the course?

As with any training, eCom Elites results will differ from person to person. Success will depend on what you put in... One of Franklin's most successful students has made over $3 million with his Shopify Store, whereas others drop out after a few weeks.

Is there an eCom Elites Discount available?

No. There is no discount or coupon available for eCom Elites. It's only $197!

If you compare eCom Elites to other dropship courses like Dropship Lifestyle, for example, which costs $2,997 for the cheapest version, then eCom Elites is a steal. You can't expect Franklin to offer you discount - the guy needs to make a living as well.

What's the difference between eCom Elites Standard and eCom Elites Ultimate?

1. There is a difference in price. eCom Elites Standard is $197 vs eCom Elites Ulitmate at $297.

2. The Ultimate pack includes Franklin's Sales Funnel Academy, Google Ads Academy, a D4U complete sales funnel, and two e-books covering Franklin's Top Selling Products and Top Selling Niches. 

Is eCom Elites legit?

Don't let the low price cast any doubts on the legitimacy of this course! Franklin is one of the most trusted dropshipping coaches out there. So yes, eCom Elites is a legitimate dropshipping course and has been around for a couple of years.

Remember, there is a 30 day money-back guarantee if you're unhappy with eCom Elites. Franklin goes out of his way to ensure that you get value for your money.