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Motion Graphics for Instagram

Motion Graphics for Instagram – A course by Darwin Pacheco , Designer and Animator

 Create templates and animated pieces for IG Stories, IGTV, or feed

Motion graphics is a multi-disciplinary technique that offers infinite communicational possibilities. The combination of design and animation allows you to create a new visual language with a multitude of uses and applications.

Darwin Pacheco—a Peruvian animator and designer—specializes in motion graphics and uses it to create powerful content that catches the eye and mind of an audience.

What will you learn in  Motion Graphics for Instagram?

In this course, discover motion graphics techniques alongside Darwin, to create attractive visual propositions that attract new followers to your Instagram account. 

Learn how to create modular or template animations that you can easily modify. Although this course is focused on visual content for Instagram, the techniques you learn to master can be easily adapted to any other format.

First, Darwin tells you about his career and how he got into the world of motion graphics. He then talks about useful books, his influences in the motion design space, and more specifically about motion design applied to Instagram.

Next, get familiar with Adobe After Effects, its most useful tools, and plugins. Go over the formats for Instagram Stories, IGTV, and feed, then get started on the concept and mood board of your project.

The time to give shape to your idea has come. Using your client’s visual identity or concept, learn how to use Styleframes and modular animation. Then, import your designs on After Effects and give shape to them using the formats for Instagram.

Before finishing the course “Motion Graphics for Instagram”, Darwin gives you tips on how to optimize your workflow and teaches you how to create and use templates. Finally, learn how to export your projects in the right format for Instagram. Then, all you need to do is post your creations!

Who is Darwin Pacheco?

Darwin is a Peruvian designer and animator with experience in working with the most salient studios, production studios, and agencies in Peru. This has led him to participate in projects with clients like Uber, Abaco, TVPerú, Canal J, among others.One of Darwin’s great passions is creating a visual language through design and animation. He hasn’t stopped investigating the subject since he discovered it. Since making the shift to freelance, he dedicates most of his time exploring the realm of visual communication possibilities with this creative discipline.Proof

Name of Course: ​Domestika – Motion Graphics for Instagram

Release Date: 2021

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