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The BPM Method 2020

The BPM Method 2020- Take control of your Facebook ads performance today.


The BPM Method 2020 is a set of frameworks designed to allow you to take a bottom up, step by step approach, or to dive in to the areas you need the most help with right now for the most immediate and biggest impact.


The BPM Method 2020 is a marketing training program, designed for Facebook advertising. The training combines creating avatars, copy, landers, funnels and messages that serve the right person at the right time. The program also balances the art, with science, using data-backed testing, optimisation and scaling together with data insights for fast, efficient decision making.


We’re in the trenches every day, through our agency and our own Ecommerce, Lead Gen, Digital Products and Affiliate offers. The BPM Method comes with 6 weeks of support so you get your questions answered by the right people to maximize your results and shorten the time to success.

What’s Included Inside The BPM Method 2020

  • Private Mastermind

Private group access to BPM Method Mastermind, helping you to both learn and to execute faster with peers.

  • Full Online Program Access

Full access via our online BPM Method training portal and private Facebook group including past coaching calls.

  • Setup Mastery

Everything you need to setup a high performing campaign, including your business manager, ad account, page and campaigns.

  • Offer Build

Strong offers are the hidden secret to breakout success. Learn our 5W Avatar process, 3N Ads Formula and how to craft the Perfect Ad for sustainable success.

  • Funnel Build

A great offer needs a great funnel. Apply what goes into creating funnels that Facebook will reward you for to maximise conversion rates & order value.

  • Structure Testing

Implement our Graduation Testing Method to control your testing process to unearth ads and audiences that work, without the guesswork.

  • Optimization

The biggest thing missing in most ad accounts is optimization. Learn what to look for, how to setup your reporting for fast insights and the right actions to take, when, to make the biggest difference.

  • Growth & Scale

Growth is more than just increasing budgets. Understand what it truly means and takes to grow into 6, 7 and 8-figures using our formulaic approach to growing and scaling.


Name of Course:​The BPM Method 2020 (FB Ads) – Depesh Mandalia

Release Date: 2020

Sale Page: ​The BPM Method 2020 (FB Ads)

Author Price: $​997

Our Price: $​31.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

Contact us via email [email protected] if you want to pay with Paypal & Credit Card

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