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Growth Training Self-Serve

​Growth Training Self-Serve – Learn to grow your company faster.

We teach you the strategies used by leading growth teams. You’ll learn to run growth yourself, and — with our feedback — you’ll see  quick growth results like you’d expect from an agency.

How ​Growth Training Self-Serve Works

We train your team in growth and we provide tailored, step-by-step instructions for growing your specific business model. And if you opt for our Full Program, we’ll give you feedback on your entire growth setup — from your strategy, ads, landing pages, and more.

It’s a super actionable course. You’ll spend 20% of the time reading their lectures (which are over 300) and 80% working on their projects. The objective of the course is that you end up with a validated growth strategy that specifically fits your startup.The course is 99% written (in English), with the exception of a few recorded lessons. You can consume the content whenever you want, but note you have access to it for 12 months since you purchase the course.

​What will you get in Growth Training Self-Serve?

The course can be taken from anywhere. And it’s self-paced.

  • ​Learn efficient ways to acquire B2C, B2B, mobile, and local customers.
  • Run ads on all major channels—using effective, 2020 techniques.
  • Track how site visitors behave, and learn how to act on that data.
  • Make top-tier ads that people click for the right reasons.
  • Write, build, and test landing pages that convert better.
  • Master the tools of the trade: Hotjar, Google Analytics, and more.
  • Create a high-converting onboarding experience.
  • Leverage content marketing and SEO to generate revenue—not just traffic.
  • Master B2B outreach tactics: how to scrape, email, and convert leads.
  • Design a referral program that users actually want to use.

“The Demand Curve team knows paid acquisition, conversion, landing pages, and a lot more very well. If you’re lagging behind on your growth skills, let them teach you what you’re missing.”


Name of Course: ​Demandcurve – Growth Training Self-Serve

Release Date: 2021

Sale Page: ​

Author Price: $​1500

Our Price: $​24.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

You will get the download immediately after payment success !

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