Delegate and Done – Ramit Sethi

Delegate and Done

Delegate and Done – Ramit Sethi

Delegate and Done is our brand-new, online course that gives you the systems, tactics, and tricks you need to find and work with a trustworthy assistant.

The Delegate and Done course includes 5 videos that SHOW you our complete system for finding and partnering with an assistant. You’ll also get a full collection of bonus word-for-word scripts, turnkey templates, and easy-to-use guides to make implementing the strategies and tactics in this course fast and simple.

This is not a PDF on how to hire an anonymous VA who just creates more work for you. Not all assistants are created equal — and hiring the wrong one can cost you.

This course is a behind-the-scenes look at how the busiest people — and their experienced assistants — get more done than anyone else, save hours every day, and still have more time to relax, hang with friends, and have more fun than anyone else.

What You’ll Learn Inside

The One-Day Audit: What can I actually hand off to a VA?

  • How to find hours of tasks in your day that could — even should — be delegated to your VA
  • Many tasks you could give to an assistant today
  • The surprising secret of how much time those hidden tasks actually add up to

Ramit’s 3-step system for hiring the right assistant

  • Read the actual job description I wrote to find my assistant, who saves me 20 hours/week and has been with me for years
  • The 6 questions you must answer before writing your VA job description
  • How to craft a VA job application that shows you how a candidate will actually perform on the job
  • 10 questions I love to ask VA candidates (use these in your application)
  • The top 5 places to find trustworthy assistants (including my #1 pick)

The first week: How to delegate your most draining tasks right away

  • Delegation Do-Overs: Watch a student handle an assistant unsuccessfully, then see how I would have delegated
  • How to make sure your assistant never comes back with a “no” or an “it can’t be done”
  • 5 simple rules to make working with an assistant effective and effortless

The 30-in-30 Method: How to delegate your most important tasks without interrupting your schedule

  • How to make and delegate 30 mentally draining decisions in 30 minutes — and save hours every day
  • The best way to prioritize your assistant’s tasks
  • How to get started with your assistant: step by step, how to kick-start a productive relationship and get things off your plate
  • Advanced delegation tricks to save you — and your assistant — even more time

White-Glove Service: 3 advanced systems you can set up with your assistant

  • How an assistant can always find amazing gifts for you to give family and loved ones
  • How an assistant can build and nurture your business relationships
  • How an assistant can make travel as smooth and relaxing as possible
  • And that’s not all you get when you join Delegate and Done…

Bonus #1: Find the right assistant for you

Delegate and Done includes an entire video on how to find a great, trustworthy assistant. And to make finding your assistant even easier, we’ve also included two powerful guides to make this process turnkey-easy.

Bonus #2: Start delegating work on Day 1!

Use these extra delegation ideas and this onboarding agenda to start handing off work to your assistant immediately.

Bonus #3: Optimize your productivity

Here are two advanced tactics you’ll receive when you join. Each will help you optimize your productivity and save even more time.

Bonus #4: Enjoy white-glove treatment

Get the deluxe service. These bonuses will help you receive the best, most personalized white-glove treatment from your assistant.

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