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Definitive Selling Proposition

Definitive Selling Proposition – Perry Marshall

Definitive Selling Proposition – Includes 3 training modules and help crafting your DSP from a Planet Perry-approved Pro Copywriter.

What’s a Definitive Selling Proposition?

  • A DSP is a multi-dimensional USP.
  • A DSP is a USP uncovered using a 9-layered matrix.
  • A DSP is USP with a “magic ingredient” that adds a defensibility component to your USP that cannot be constructed using fill-in-the-blank USP templates.
  • A DSP is USP revealed through turning over every stone in your business to find competitive advantages that you didn’t know you had…or could have…before.
  • A DSP is a thorough, systematic expansion of your USP, with tentacles that grow into deep roots…it requires work, but it’s the most vital work you’ll do this year…probably even this decade.
  • A DSP not only TELLS your story but REDEFINES it to its core.
  • A DSP makes your product fundamentally more alluring.
  • A DSP never elicits a “SO WHAT?” response from your marketplace. No one can be indifferent to a true DSP. They either love you or hate you. (I got hate mail when I created my event with Richard Koch. Millionaires who were NOT fractional billionaires accused me of lying. Good. I dragged egos through the mud until I garnered their attention.)
  • A DSP sharpens your message to a point of SPECIFICITY and SIMPLICITY that it pierces right through noise.
  • A DSP is the ONLY thing your customer will rave about.

Do You Need a Definitive Selling Proposition?

  • You need a DSP if you’ve gone through the traditional USP steps and…
  • You’ve still got a USP that’s based solely on slight competitive advantages like your ability to haul in cheap traffic, your evangelistic ability to convert prospects, or your profitable pricing model.

Those advantages are awesome… but they are not long-term defensible…

This will not add yet another item to your ever-growing To-Do list. I’ve designed every option in Definitive Selling Proposition to help you get your DSP identified, sharpened, and implemented in as little time as humanly possible. Every option includes assistance from Planet Perry approved professionals. You will get this done FAST. Period.

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