Copywriting For a Cause – Awai

Copywriting For a Cause

Copywriting For a Cause – Awai

Copywriting for a Cause: How to Profit as a Writer and Make a Difference in the World.

Cause marketing is one of the most adaptable niches there is. It’s relevant in all industries. Once you master the art of writing as a Cause Marketing Specialist, you can take your skills any direction you please.

One of the major differences you’ll find in writing cause copy is that you’ll never be just another “subcontractor” hired to churn out words.

As a Cause Marketing Specialist, you’ll be the catalyst of a unifying and compassionate movement.

And as a well-trained copywriter, your words — through blogs, e-newsletters, web content, and more — will fuel campaigns that bring positive change to the world.

Copywriting For a Cause – Our program guides you through the specifics of writing for cause marketing campaigns.

In Copywriting For a Cause, you’ll learn …

  • How to write copy that “sells” a cause
  • How to use the “MORAL” approach to build credibility for a cause campaign
  • 8 unique ways to “sell” your cause
  • The most essential element of any well-run cause campaign
  • The most powerful words to use in a cause campaign
  • Which key emotions are most effective in cause marketing
  • What psychological factors should be drawn out in the best cause campaigns

The industry is big. That’s why you can specialize or add it as a side skill.

If you already write for a specific niche, your clients will want to know about it — especially if they want a competitive edge.

And if you’re just beginning your copywriting career — or want to change niches altogether — cause marketing is a great way to go. You get to be a specialist in the cause marketing industry, but you still get a lot of variety since virtually any business and any nonprofit are potential clients.

Once you understand the core elements of writing for a cause campaign, you’ll be able to approach clients in any industry, and at any level.

That’s because being a Cause Marketing Specialist means you have a niche specialty, but your specialty is in demand by virtually everybody. It’s actually a lot like web writing. You can focus on one niche industry (like health writing), where you offer a variety of web-writing services (like web content, SEO, and autoresponders). Or, you can pick a specialty — like SEO — and promote to a variety of niches.

But the best part of all, beyond the unlimited clients and variety of projects, is that it’s easy to write for causes you care about. If you work on projects that resonate with your own core beliefs, the writing comes naturally. Plus, it’s fun.

In Copywriting for a Cause, we show you how to:

  • Quickly master the specific, copy-related elements of cause campaigns
  • Recognize what makes a cause campaign most effective
  • Understand the different cause marketing strategies and use that knowledge to impress clients
  • Tap into emotion-based copy that captivates
  • Land cause marketing clients who will keep calling you back for more projects

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