ConnectIQ Academy – Wilco De Kreij

ConnectIQ Academy

ConnectIQ Academy – Wilco De Kreij

ConnectIQ Academy is a 6 Modules Facebook Ads masterclass where Wilco de Kreij guides you from A to Z about how to create and scale profitable Facebook Ads.

It’s simply the best Facebook Advertising training available on the market right now. No stone unturned, everything you’ll need to know, tested and improved by a real expert who spend millions of ad budget to learn all tricks and techniques and who created the best software, ConnectSuite, to easily manage your FB campaigns.

What You Will Learn Inside ConnectIQ Academy

Module 01: The Ads Foundation Inside ConnectIQ Academy

  • Why (and when) to use multiple Facebook Pages.
  • How to set up your Facebook Ads account (so you won’t get banned).
  • How to choose the OPTIMAL sales funnel type.
  • The 8 BIG Facebook advertising mistakes that you MUST avoid.
  • How to set up your Facebook pixel correctly.
  • The proper mindset you need to advertise at a profit. (Caution: Most people underestimate the importance of “mental attitude.”)
  • Which Ad Metrics you need to focus your attention on.
  • The best way to structure your campaigns for MAXIMUM profit.

Module 02: The Perfect Ad

  • How to determine the most effective “hook” for your ad.
  • When to use the various ad formats for improved results.
  • The 5 AD TYPES your campaigns can use. and when to use them.
  • The 8 BIG Facebook advertising mistakes that you MUST avoid.
  • How to “spy” on your competitors.
  • Which IMAGE ADS perform best. and how to create them quickly and easily.
  • A walk-through of a VIDEO ADS CASE STUDY. look over my shoulder as I explain what works and why.
  • How to write compelling STORY-BASED ADS.
  • How to leverage “meme” videos. and make them SELL.
  • How to DOUBLE your conversions by adding a simple 5-second “video overlay” to your ads

Module 03: Targeting Secrets

  • How to discover EXACTLY who your best prospects are.
  • How creating your ideal “customer avatar” will help boost your sales (and the fastest, easiest way to do it).
  • How to find the BEST audiences in ANY market.
  • How to determine who your COMPETITORS are targeting (so you can emulate them).
  • How to find. and when to use. specific audiences.
  • A clever way of using “unusual behavior” to target PRIME prospects.
  • The “White Ocean Targeting” trick to scale your ads.

Module 04: Retargeting Secrets

  • How to get started QUICKLY with retargeting.
  • Revealed: My best performing retargeting ads.
  • The “3-punch” retargeting sequence that your prospects won’t be able to resist.
  • How to run effective cross-sell retargeting campaigns.
  • What the “triple-exclude” is. and how it helps REDUCE ad costs (which will effectively INCREASE your profits).
  • How to create quick & easy video sequences.

Module 05: Budget, Bidding and Scaling

  • How to determine how much you should initially spend on your ad campaigns.
  • How to split-test quickly and effectively.
  • Discover the metrics you MUST check on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • How to scale your ads MASSIVELY – starting from ZERO.
  • Discover the step-by-step breakdown of the bidding process you MUST use (and why it works).

Module 06: Implementation + Quick Recap

We’ll tie all the pieces together.


ConnectIQ Academy – Wilco De Kreij

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