Color Theory Fundamentals – Chris Davis

Color Theory Fundamentals

Color Theory Fundamentals – Chris Davis

Color Theory Fundamentals – Learn the fundamentals of color theory to empower more informed decisions involving color.

Color is a bit of a fickle science. The rules that are firmly rooted in physics are the same rules that are just about negated by geography and psychology. Yet, no matter where you live, where your career has taken you, or how you personally perceive color, you’re still undoubtedly interacting with color on a regular basis. In this course, Color Theory Fundamentals, you will learn everything you need to know to make effective decisions about color in your life. First, you will learn the applicable historical elements of color. Next, you will discover the types of color palettes and how to identify them. Finally, you will explore how to put it all into practice and communicate with color. When you are finished with this course, you will have a working knowledge of color theory fundamentals which will empower you to make more informed decisions about color, and bring more harmony to your life.

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About the author

Chris is a Visual Communications expert with over a decade of field experience ranging from film production to product management. Chris lives to find connections between storytelling, the creation of art, and data-driven insights.

Hi everyone, my name is Chris Davis, and welcome to my course, Color Theory Fundamentals. I’m a photographer, filmmaker, and designer at In this course, we’re going to cover everything that we’ll need to know in order to feel confident about making decisions with color and implementing basic color relationships into our life and work. Some of the major topics that we’ll cover will include discussing the foundational characteristics of color, like hue, value, and saturation, so that we can be well versed in the detailed language of color relationships. And then we’ll get into the color wheel and take a close look at the structures that enable us to build harmonious color palettes. Once we’re well versed in a few of the most important palette structures, we’ll discuss what goes into creating color harmony and discord so that we’ll have a prerequisite knowledge for successfully infusing smart color decisions into everything that we do. By the end of this course, you’ll have both the practical and historical background knowledge to feel empowered about making decisions with color. This course is for everyone, not just for creatives or even tech professionals, but for anyone who wants to have a working knowledge of how to successfully use and communicate with color in their daily routines. I hope you’ll join me in this journey to learn how to successfully implement and leverage color relationships with this Color Theory Fundamentals course, at Pluralsight.

What You Will Learn

01. Course Overview

02. Prerequisite Knowledge before Studying the Color Wheel

03. Understanding Structures for Harmonious Palettes

04. Leveraging Color as Communication

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