Closing Clients By Sean

Closing Clients

Closing Clients – The only call script you will ever need to close clients

Learn the EXACT structure and script I use to close 66% of my calls and have used to take my agency to $20K/month + How to build it around YOUR offer

Nervous before getting on calls?

This structure will give you the confidence you need to dominate every call you get on with a prospect!

Lowering your prices on calls because you’re worried you won’t close the deal?

I will show you exactly how to frame your service and give your prospects an irresistible offer they’d be stupid to refuse!

I’m giving you a FULL breakdown of the exact structure I use to dominate every single sales call I take from start to finish.

Imagine being able to close 50% of the calls you get on, you’d never struggle for clients again!

After taking Closing Clients, you will:

  • Increase your close rate massively
  • Make more money
  • Have a killer, proven call structure that’s specific to your service and offer
  • Be in FULL control of sales calls with prospects
  • Confidently handle any objections

You will also get:

  • The EXACT script that I used to sign my most recent client
  • The EXACT email I use to get prospects on the phone

What You Learn Inside

  • How to prepare for a call
  • Become a confident closer
  • How to structure your calls
  • Objection Handling


Closing Clients

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Release Date: 2020

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