Cinematic Videography – Peter Johnson

Cinematic Videography

Cinematic Videography – Peter Johnson

Cinematic Videography – Learn Cinematic Camera Movements & Shoot Stunning Videos.

Wondering how to shoot stunning cinematic videos? You are at the right place.

In this class we’ll go through all the things that you need to know before shooting a cinematic video, we will start from learning all the basic things and finally we will implement all the things that we have learnt and shoot a live video and edit it.

What You Will Learn

  • What is a Cinematic Video
  • Story board
  • Why FPS is really Important
  • Composition
  • Cinematic Movements & In-Camera Transitions
  • Stabilize Your Video Footage
  • Adding A Letter Box
  • Importance Of Music
  • Live Video Shooting
  • Live Video Editing

It doesn’t matter if you use a camera or a smartphone all the things that we learn are fundamentals that can be applied anywhere, moreover I’m sure that by the end of this class you will be able to shoot great cinematic videos.

Meet Your Instructor

Hello, my name is Peter and I’m an IT student, Youtuber and Online Video Editor with 6 years of experience editing short videos for commercials and social media skilled in Final Cut Pro. Received unsolicited positive comments on my work from 97% of clients. I’m really excited to Share my Skills.

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