Dealmaker Wealth Society – Carl Allen

Carl Allen – Dealmaker Wealth Society

Dealmaker Wealth Society by Carl Allen

What we can learn from Dealmaker Wealth Society?

In this program, we’ll learn the full step-by-step system for buying our very first business within the next 100 days or less. And how to do it using none of our own money. This proven business buying formula is based on Carl’s 26 years of in-the-trenches experience buying and selling businesses.

  • Module 1: Deal Mindset.
  • Module 2: Deal Specification.
  • Module 3: Deal Origination.
  • Module 4: Deal Analysis and Meetings.
  • Module 5: Financial Analysis.
  • Module 6: Offers & Negotiations.
  • Module 7: Financing.
  • Module 8: Deal Execution.
  • Module 9: Closing.
  • Module 10: 100-Day Ownership Training.
  • Bonus Materials.

You’ll also receive my proven tools, templates and formulas for getting results FAST!

Direct approach letter template for contacting potential sellers — in my experience using this letter, I would estimate it’s generated more than a 30% response rate for me

Non-disclosure agreement template — you’ll need this so the seller is comfortable with sharing sensitive information with you

List of basic information requirements to get from a business owner during your first conversation

Simple financial analysis model — this is my “back of the napkin” financial model for determining if the deal is a good one

Advanced financial analysis model — this is the “deeper dive” you’ll want to run to have a better understanding of the health of the business (Hint: Lenders love seeing this before giving you money!)

Simple cash flow forecasting model — this is my “back of the napkin” financial model to help you determine how much money you’ll make once you own the business

Advanced cash flow forecasting model — this is the “deeper dive” you’ll want to run to help you maximize your returns (and properly project future revenue)

The Financier Rolodex — We have a private list of people who understand the zero-down business buying strategies in this program, and we’ll give you our list of prescreened lenders to help you get financing!


Name of Course:​Dealmaker Wealth Society – Carl Allen

Release Date: 2020

Sale Page​:

Author Price: $1997

Our Price: $​9.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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