Brand Design with Grids 2020 – Christian Pacheco Quijano

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Brand Design with Grids

Brand Design with Grids 2020 – Christian Pacheco Quijano

Brand Design with Grids 2020 – Learn to use the language of geometry to create memorable brands with Christian Pacheco Quijano

Christian Pacheco – Creative Director of Kimbal, a studio dedicated to multidisciplinary design – has worked for years as a graphic designer specializing in the creation of brands and patterns. Geometry is your hallmark and uses it to capture the visual memory of your interlocutors, allowing you to create memorable visual systems.

In this course, Christian will teach you his methodology to work the brand image; a process that can be applied to both small businesses and multinational companies. You will design a visual scheme that, in addition to functioning as a branding system, will be practical when interacting with other disciplines such as industrial, product, textile and architecture design.

First you will know the work of Christian, who will also tell you about the artists and designers who are and have been, a great influence for him.

Then, you will immerse yourself in their work methodology to design a high performance brand that can be adapted to all types of supports and materials. Christian will talk about the taxonomy of the brands and will explain the method they use in Kimbal to solve the problems presented by this type of project.

You will study the dimensions of communication, which will be of great help to evaluate the quality of a brand design.

Once you have defined the idea and you have captured it in a moodboad, you will make the first sketches. You will design the reticle so that your identity meets the golden proportions and, finally, you will vectorize it.

Finally, you will select the chromatic range more in line with the brand; you will choose typography and, through mockups, you will see how your identity works on different media. All this with the purpose of making the final brand presentation for your client.

What is this course’s project?

You will develop a brand identity project with a grid, based on a real briefing, based on the Kimbal methodology.

Who is it for?

To designers, creatives and anyone interested in learning more about the design of brands that work on any type of support.

What you need

It is advisable to have basic knowledge of design and Adobe Illustrator.

With regard to the materials you will need pencil, paper, squares, compass, markers and a computer with Adobe Illustrator installed.

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