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Becoming Limitless - Vishen Lakhiani - MindValley

Becoming Limitless – Vishen Lakhiani – MindValley

Become Limitless is the highest-rated program on the Mindvalley Academy, with a Net Promoter Score of 78 (higher than an Apple Laptop). It’s designed for people ready to step up to living a life truly beyond ordinary… While harnessing aspects of the human mind most people are yet to wake up to.

Become Limitless Is Designed For People Looking For An Advanced Personal Growth Program — Not For Beginners Or Intermediates, As This Program Goes Into Subject Matter That Many Would Consider Controversial Or Sacrilegious

The biggest problems in the world today stem from lower level thinking.

From obsolete models of reality, that keep people stuck in states of fear, guilt, hostility, disconnectedness, and the illusion that somehow we’re all separate from each other, and our environment.

Humankind has the potential for an incredible future, but it is going to take a higher level of thinking than what most of the planet currently operates with.

What the world needs more of now are leaders that are connected to the whole of humanity. It needs people that are interested in not just building businesses, but ventures that push the human race forward.

The world needs healing. It needs compassion. It needs people who are willing to step up and help the human race elevate their consciousness.

This is so important to our future, but this is not something we’re taught how to do anywhere in the conventional education system.

With the Become Limitless program, you finally have a road map for hacking your mind, sharpening your intuition, manifesting your dreams and achieving your utmost potential as the leader that humanity needs you to be. But what makes this unique is the TOOL and the METHOD in which you learn to do this.

Why This Is The Most Important Training We’ve Ever Published

Are you completely abundant? Are you working on something that excites you every day? Are you in control of your future, of your own destiny? Have you completely eliminated all fear and worry from your life?

Are you so excited about your work, that retirement or holidays or breaks seem meaningless to you?

Do you have balance in your life, in all dimensions of being a human?

Are you fully tapped into advanced conscious abilities, such as intuition, the ability to shift reality with your mind, and feelings of connection with the rest of life? Are you operating at Level 3, the State of Limitless?

If not, you’re robbing yourself of the deepest sense of fulfillment you can experience… And you’re robbing the world of a fully empowered and enlightened being that it so desperately needs. The truth is, most people cannot answer *yes to all of the questions above, and this is what the Become Limitless program is about.*

After 10 Years Spent Building One Of The Most Successful Personal Growth Companies On The Planet…

…And positively impacting the lives of millions of people. I’ve finally made the course that teaches the most important things I’ve ever learned about living a life near-full human potential.

Today, I’m extremely grateful and proud to say that my company Mindvalley has positively impacted millions of people all over the world.

Our mission has always been to impact a billion lives and reform the education system, and though we’ve got a long way to go, today we’re accelerating toward that goal faster than ever before.

And living a mission-oriented life is an incredible feeling. I’m roused out of bed every day, and love what I do.

But Getting To This Place Didn’t Come Easy, Because I Had No Road Map.

I learned how to do this the hard way, and after a decade of ups and downs, extensive research and experimentation… I’ve finally developed a course that can accelerate your evolution in consciousness and bring you to a state where you are fully empowered to lead, and serve your purpose for the good of yourself and humanity.

The Become Limitless program ushers you toward an evolution in consciousness.

This program has been tested on myself, hundreds of participants in the beta version, and it is proving extremely effective in unlocking your potential and helping you become truly limitless.

Who Is The Author Of Become Limitless?

Vishen Lakhiani is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, one of the fastest-growing personal growth companies on the planet. Vishen was able to take $700 of his own money and turn it into a $100 million dollar company with no loans or VC funding. In doing so, Mindvalley has revolutionized the personal growth industry and has won over three million active customers, subscribers, and raving fans. Leading a team of 200 people at Mindvalley HQ (voted by Inc. Magazine as one of the World’s Coolest Workplaces), his goal is to revolutionize the global education system by bringing to the forefront transformational and personal growth education, and making these practices more mainstream.

Vishen is also part of the Innovation Board of the X-Prize Foundation and an active philanthropist, with a goal to give away one billion dollars by 2049. Vishen applies Consciousness Engineering to all aspects of his life and business from Mindvalley to Awesomeness Fest, to his career and daily habits.

His goal is to help push humanity forward by challenging how human beings think about all of the sub-optimal models of reality we take for granted. From work to living, health, relationships, parenting, education and more.


Name of Course:Becoming Limitless – Vishen Lakhiani – MindValley

Release Date: 2020

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Our Price: $24.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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