AdValue 2.0 by Jon Penberthy

AdValue 2.0

AdValue 2.0 by Jon Penberthy

AdValue 2.0 by Jon Penberthy

What You’ll Learn Inside AdValue 2.0

Module 1: The Big Picture

  • Proven strategies (Based on $MILLIONS Spent)
  • Current Strategies
  • A skill that will set you up for life
  • How to future proof your marketing
  • A-Z of running profitable ad campaigns (At scale)
  • Complete master the art of customer acquision

Module 2: The Perfect Positioning

  • How to communicate with your audience
  • Who to target and when
  • The landing page
  • Compliance
  • The Placements
  • A few other bits

Module 3: The Ad Creative

  • How To Approach Ad Creation
  • Short Copy Image Ads
  • Short Video Ads
  • Short Video Ad Copy
  • The Headline Formula
  • Long Video Ads

Module 4: Account Set Up

  • Creating your business page
  • Setting up Your Business Manager
  • Setting up Your Ad Accounts
  • Adding Page Roles
  • Business Manager Walkthrough
  • FB Pixel Explained

Module 5: Finding Your Ideal Customers

  • Audience Research With Google
  • Keyword Research Tips
  • Audience Research With Amazon
  • Audience Research With The Ads Manager
  • Audience Hijack (Fanpages)
  • Audience Insights
  • Custom Audiences
  • Creating A Custom Audience.

Module 6: Launching Your Ad

  • Deploying Your Ads
  • Placements
  • Launching Your first ad
  • The learning face
  • Trouble shooting your campaign

Module 7: Social Dominance

  • How To Approach Scaling
  • Realistic Expectation
  • Let FB Do The Heavy Lifting
  • Campaign Structure When Scaling
  • Scaling Safely
  • Aggressive Scaling
  • The When And The Why

Module 8 (Bonus): Re-targeting Value Loop

  • Pre Campaign Remarketing
  • Mid Campaign Remarketing
  • Post Campaign Remarketing
  • The Ad Creatives
  • Launching A Remarketing Ad

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About Your Instructor

Jon Penberthy is an entrepreneur that classifies as a live mentor, coach and versatile marketer.

He and his wife (Amy). Got hitched back in 2017 and together they live out there days in Canterbury, United Kingdom.

During his younger years, Jon was seen as the class clown and was regularly punching on with other hardened Brits during recess.

It’s possibly that this kind of behavior lead him to becoming a chef of all things.

Mr. Penberthy went to college to study catering. Simultaneously he was conducting his own side hustle of buying and selling via eBay around the time.

The minor success he’d achieved with that business model projected Jon on the path to online marketing stardom, where he’s racked up some extensive knowledge on the rather diverse topic.

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